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Sales Prospecting Perspectives Weekly Recap - Week of December 13, 2023


Weekly Recap

With only one full week left before the holidays are upon us, it's important to ramp up your sales efforts to meet quotas for quarter 4. This week, we've curated articles about how sales and marketing can succeed in this final quarter. The reward? Spending time at home with the family during the holiday season. 

Here are some of our favorite articles from this week. Remember, we share around 10 articles a day on our Twitter as well. 

  • Adaptive sales reps look at their successes and failures and adjust their sales strategies accordingly. They are ardent students of the game. Don Perkins shows sales reps how to work smarter, not harder, in this article with 5 long-term groath ideas.
  • To start quarter one strong, you may want to add gamification to sales enablement. Sales contests can be a great way to inspire healthy team competition. Why not try to make a sales Hunger Games in the office?
  • During the holiday season, a lot of people may be home, but the people who are in the office have a lot of time they wouldn't have other times during the year. That's why it's important to not let up during the holiday season, as Anthony Iannarino states. 
  • Marketers, the term newsjacking may be new to you, but it also may change the way you look at B2B communications. Newsjacking is posting content related to breaking news to amplify sales and marketing. Check out Funnelholic's guide to B2B newsjacking.
  • It's important to get customer feedback to improve your business. B2B Marketing offers 6 ways, such as social media, surveys and usability tests to get that feedback. Check it out!

And here are some blogs from AG Salesworks this week that you might have missed.


Monday: On Monday, Sam wrote How Your Inside Sales Team Can Make the Most of Lists. One of the first things sales reps learn is how to navigate a list in Salesforce. However, there are many types of lists, and sometimes it can be hard to keep track of them. Always the organizing aficionado, Sam separates types of lists into categories: the new list, the reconnecting list, and the warm list, and shows sales reps prospecting strategies for each list. How does your inside sales team tackle different lists?

Tuesday: Mike Ricciardelli wrote Inside Sales Reps: Why Everything IS in Your Control on Tuesday. It's easy to fall victim to self-pity in sales, especially when a prospect denies your offer. The decision-makers seem to have control over every situation, but in reality, inside sales reps have control over themselves and how they handle the outcome of these situations. Just remember: "It happens," and move on. 

Wednesday: On Wednesday, Jamie Shanks from Sales for Life wrote What Did I Learn About Social Selling to Prepare for 2014? Social selling is now a major force in the sales industry. It's changed over the course of a few years, so Jamie analyzed its impact on sales and predicted what social selling will affect in 2014. Sales leaders are going to start looking for "digital natives" and letting go underperforming non-believers, so beef up on your social selling skills in this post. 

Thursday: To continue our series, Maureen Wall published another video blog about Technology's Impact on the Evolution of Sales: Featuring Peter Gracey. Peter Gracey, our COO and co-founder, shares his thoughts on technology's impact on sales, which goes well with our previous blog about social selling. The industry is becoming more digital than ever, so in 2014, look alive!

Have a great weekend, Sales Prospecting readers! What were your favorite articles this week? 

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