Managing Millennials: How the New Generation is Changing the Workplace

AG Salesworks’ “Managing Millennials: How the New Generation is Changing the Workplace” provides advice for managing and mentoring the millennial generation, which by 2020 will encompass 50% of the workforce, in the context of a business environment. The guide includes tips curated by a millennial within the office and anecdotes about how AG Salesworks inspires millennials to succeed.

The “Managing Millennials” guide consists of:

  • An outline of the history behind generational personalities including Baby Boomers, Gen X and millennials
  • A section dispelling rumors about managing the millennial generation
  • A list of characteristics of the generation as evidenced by surveys from the Pew Research Center and People at Work
  • Specific advice for managing millennials and other generations adapting to changes in the new millennium


The “Managing Millennials: How the New Generation is Changing the Workplace” guide is intended for managers who would like to learn how to ensure harmony within their organization between all generations, and for representatives who would like to learn more about their generation. This guide will provide an in-depth look at how to reign and retain millennial talent while continuing to create a culture and workplace where everyone is productive and comfortable. We will introduce several techniques for managing millennials, including different ideas for mentoring programs, flexibility in the office and options for communication between managers and representatives. We hope the advice in this guide will help you manage all employees in the new generation, including millennials, Gen X and Boomers.

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