Conversations That Lead to Conversions

Taming the glut of marketing data to communicate more effectively

38% of CMOs state they are ready to invest in social media monitoring solutions and 41% would like to improve their CRM accuracy and increase customer experiences. This webinar teaches viewers to harness the power of social selling and marketing data to increase lead generation.  

Join AG Salesworks, NetProspex and DataSift to learn how to communicate more efficiently when prospecting. Rob Floyd, Regional Vice President at DataSift, Sean Crowley, Director of Product Marketing at NetProspex, and Pete Gracey, COO and co-founder of AG Salesworks, investigate how to make social selling and CRM investments pay off and increase sales. 

In this webinar, you'll also learn how to: 

  • Assess the health of your marketing data and improve its quality and depth to increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns
  • Understand real time topics that engage for your audience, allowing you to better align content and your key prospects
  • Execute engaging conversations with leads who are in the middle of your sales and marketing funnel, resulting in higher conversion rates

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