From Prospect to Proposal

Building Efficiency in B2B Human Interaction Sales

fromprospecttoproposal resized 600Experts from TinderBoxVanillaSoft, and AG Salesworks speak on how to create fruitful client relationships by offering value and conveying respect in conversations. Successful salespeople know that moving the right relationships forward goes beyond automation; it's about leveraging processes and technologies to save time on non-selling tasks, while keeping interaction sales human.  How do you and your team ensure that your interactions are genuine and human while keeping the sales process moving smoothly and forward?

Adam Becker, Director of Client Success at Tinderbox, Kevin Thornton, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at VanillaSoft, and Chris Lang, Senior Director of Sales at AG Salesworks, investigate how to build efficiency in B2B interaction sales.

In this webinar, you'll also learn how to: 

  • Build efficiency in your sales process
  • Equip your team to build engaging relationships
  • Save time and learn how and when to engage with your prospect
  • Use sales tools to optimize in order to further the sales process

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