B2B Sales Prospecting Webinars

Our collaborative webinars include tips, tools, and best practices about B2B sales and marketing. They cover topics from teleprospecting to social selling.

Understanding Your Target Customer: Early Stages
Join experts from Avention, Shore Communications and AG Salesworks for an informative discussion on understanding your target customer. One of the biggest challenges companies face is figuring out who their ideal customer is and when they are ready to buy.  With 90% of the world's data having been created within the last two years, there is a wealth of information that gives accurate indicators on persona make-up, purchasing behavior, and readiness to buy.  

From Prospect to Proposal
Experts from TinderBox, VanillaSoft and AG Salesworks speak on how to create fruitful client relationships by offering value and conveying respect in conversations. Successful salespeople know that moving the right relationships forward goes beyond automation; it's about leveraging processes and technologies to save time on non-selling tasks, while keeping interaction sales human.  How do you and your team ensure that your interactions are genuine and human while keeping the sales process moving smoothly and forward?

Conversations that Lead to Conversions
Join AG Salesworks, NetProspex, and DataSift to learn how to communicate more efficiently when prospecting. Rob Floyd, Regional Vice President at DataSift, Sean Crowley, Director of Product Marketing at NetProspex, and Pete Gracey, COO and co-founder of AG Salesworks, investigate how to make social selling and CRM investments pay off and increase sales. 

Teleprospecting the Inbound Way
Join AG Salesworks, HubSpot, and SiriusDecisions to learn how to prospect more efficiently. Jay Gaines, VP and Group Director at SiriusDecisions, and Mark Roberge, SVP of Sales and Services at Hubspot, tackle lead generation methodology using both outbound and inbound measures to increase sales efficiency. Pete Gracey, COO and co-founder of AG Salesworks, hosts an active discussion directly after the presentation, fielding a variety of questions about both inbound and outbound selling.

The Right Data Creates More Conversions
AG Salesworks, iLantern, and NetProspex teach about maintaining data. In this webinar we demonstrate best practices for increasing engagement during your buying cycle. Having a handle on data management, knowing how to use triggers to append clean, complete data, and ultimately using the right technology to arm your sales reps with pertinent information creates conversations that build lasting relationships and is vital to future success.
Top of the Funnel Field Guide to Sales Prospecting Success
AG Salesworks, SalesLoft nad HootSuite worked together to produce this webcast to show viewers how to properly equip their inside sales team with an effective sales process, aiding their efforts by implementing the most suitable sales tools and technologies for the company. 
What's in Your Sales Toolbox?
In this webinar with TinderBox and ContactMonkey, learn how to help your inside sales reps save time on non-selling tasks, while accelerating their pipeline and impacting the speed to sale with the right sales tools and technologies. Using business intelligence and gaining insight about your prospects will help drive everyday sales decisions. Successful sales managers should help sales reps streamline and prioritize prospects through the sales process - it's ultimately what makes good sales reps become great and win more business. 
The Fundamentals of Sales Pipeline Management
Learn how to fine-tuen your sales pipeline with prospecting best practices, tactics to engage prospects, and rules to close more effectively in this webinar with InsideSales.com and Heinz Marketing. Effectively manage your sales pipeline.
The Evolution of the Social Buying Process
In this webinar with Nimble, Social123, and ActOn Software, we discuss the "social buying process" and walk you through best practices for moving your prospects through the funnel and converting targeted prospects into qualified sales opportunities that will have a direct impact on your sales pipeline.
How to Build the Ultimate Lead Generation Machine
In this webinar with TimeTrade, Social123, and Sales for Life, learn to feed the sales pipeline with social selling, use social media to find valid adn actionable leads, and convert your marketing leads into sales opportunities. 
Best Practices: Marketing Automation Can Help Qualify Leads with Your B2B Teleprospecting
AG Salesworks joined with ActOn Software for this webinar on best practices in combining marketing automation tools with outbound teleprospecting in order to get the strongest ROI for you campaigns.
Real-Time Marketing and PR Featuring David Meerman Scott
In this webinar with Dave Meerman Scott, you will learn how real-time marketing & PR will enable you to develop a business culture that encvourages speed over sloth, read buying signals as people interact with your online information, engage reporters to shape stories as they are being written, and more. 
Inside Sales Management Success
AG Salesworks presents a series of webcasts that share our thoughts and best practices on managing Inside Sales Reps focused on B2B teleprospecting and lead generation. 
Teleprospecting Best Practices 
AG Salesworks presents a series of webcasts that will share our ideas and perspectives on best practices for operating a highly productive B2B lead generation team.