The Right Data Creates More Conversions Every Step of the Way

Big Data is all the rage, and lets face it, everyone is on board with this revolution. However, it isn’t always about adding more fuel to the fire, you can’t just continuously throw logs in and hope that it ignites; it’s about incorporating a solid framework in order to sustain the blaze. As time continues and new technologies emerge, marketers are continuously faced with opportunities to improve their process and deliver better results through the buying cycle. But here the question emerges, how can this be done?

AG SalesworksiLantern, and NetProspex have come together to give you the winning combination to create the ultimate framework for maintaining your fire. It isn’t always about adding more data; it’s about understanding your data and using it to your benefit. In this webinar we demonstrate best practices for increasing engagement during your buying cycle. Having a handle on data management, knowing how to use triggers to append clean, complete data, and ultimately using the right technology to arm your sales reps with pertinent information creates conversations that build lasting relationships and is vital to future success.

In this Webinar you will learn:

  • How to use trigger data to discover the best leads
  • The value of clean data and what happens if you don't have it
  • How to score leads more precisely using the most accurate data 
  • Increase engagement during the buying cycle
  • Listen to experts speak through their portion of the sales funnel
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