Ed O'Neil, Director of Client Operations

Ed O’Neil is a Director of Client Operations for AG Salesworks. He joined the company in 2008 as a member of AG’s corporate development team. He was promoted to Corporate Sales in 2010 and again promoted in 2012 to his current role as Director of Client Operations. Ed’s daily responsibilities include inside sales team oversight, reporting, training, ongoing contact list development and refinement, and managing daily client engagement from a high level. He also manages new client on-boarding for his clients, ensuring projects are designed to meet customer expectations.

Prior to joining AG Salesworks, Ed was the General Sales Manager at a local power sports dealership for 8 years where he oversaw all sales aspects of their B2C engagements. Before working with the power sports dealership, Ed worked in the insurance industry as manager in claims divisions.

Ed was born and raised here in Massachusetts, currently residing on the South Shore where he lives with his wife and their son. Ed is a youth hockey coach, MSF Certified, and can often be found riding his Ducati motorcycle during the Fall and Spring.

"AG Salesworks has been an incredible experience and has allowed me to grow personally and professionally.  I enjoy the opportunity to work with some of the top IT companies in the industry and some of the latest, cutting edge technologies being developed.  I look forward to facing new challenges as our company continues to grow."

Ed O'Neil, Director of Client Operations