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How to Write: A Grammar Guide for Marketing Content and Sales Emails

Grammar in Email Prospecting

I’m often surprised by how many awkward phrases, spelling mistakes and grammar blunders I see on the Internet. Renowned blogs and magazines post content that I have to stop reading halfway through because doing so is frankly painful. Sometimes, I receive sales emails so replete with grammar inaccuracy that I delete them before finishing them. I definitely don't reply to them. If you're a sales prospector or marketer, this is certainly not the reaction you want readers to have to your content. 

3 Techniques Inside Sales Reps Can Learn from Journalists

Journalism and Inside Sales

The office is teeming with people moving between desks, rushing to write information down or share something with a co-worker. Phone conversations can be heard from every corner of the office, and the voices mingle to produce one low drone, a din heard throughout. In one corner of the office, a man hangs up the phone and emits an exasperated sigh. In the other corner of the office, a woman jumps up for joy, pumping her fists in the air. There’s an air of excitement in the office: success could happen for anyone; anyone can make a difference. It’s a wild house of ambitious thrill-seekers; it’s a jungle in there.

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