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Is Cold Calling Really Just a Numbers Game?

Cold Call

The other day someone said to me, “When it comes to cold calling, it’s really just a numbers game. By reaching out to 100 people per day, there’s bound to be someone who says yes.” The comment took me by surprise and I thought to myself, "Wow, do people really think that’s all there is to cold calling? Do they really think of it as 'mindless' dials that will eventually lead to someone who says yes?"

Sales Prospecting Perspectives Weekly Recap - Week of October 25, 2023

Weekly Recap

Good morning, Sales Prospecting Perspectives Readers. Aren’t you glad it’s Friday? Before you celebrate the weekend by gearing up for the World Series, check out some of our favorite articles around the web this week!

How to Set Up a Successful Call Strategy for Your Calling Campaign

Call Strategy

Our job is to find highly qualified sales leads for our customers that will lead to qualified opportunities. Our clients come to us with a need to fill their pipeline and want us to do so as quickly and effectively as possible. One of the first questions usually asked when speaking with potential or brand new customers is what we ­recommend for a call strategy for the campaign. To be more clear, customers who are either outsourcing or supplementing their teleprospecting efforts to us want to know if calling efforts should be focused on cold calls, follow ups on warm leads from marketing events, or target accounts identified by their own outside sales reps.

In my opinion, the answer to this question is fairly straightforward: calling efforts should be focused on all three areas because the potential of uncovering great leads can come from any of these sources. Sure, there are caveats, like the amount of resources and time you are able to allocate to each, but in general, I think the best route is to mix things up and call into a few different sources at any given time.

How to Hit Your Sales Goal No Matter What

Sales Goals

Let’s get excited. Why is hitting sales goals important now and in the future?

  • You can make the most amount of money possible at this time.

  • You set yourself up for future career success by building a strong resume with which to sell yourself.

  • Hitting your goal increases motivation for future successes.

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