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Teamwork: Bring It to Your Teleprospecting Team


Do you ever think about how efficient you are when you’re part of a team? It’s a common trend across many things people do. Moving into a new home, running a kitchen, completing a science project, managing a team or even grocery shopping. When you have a right hand to help lift the bureau, prep the veggies, write the power point slides, respond to the 100th email of the day and grab the milk, you just get the job done.Teleprospecting Teamwork

In sales, we don’t always think of ourselves as part of a team. Sure we have our teams structured around management, but we still think in terms of reaching numbers/goals as individuals. As a manager, I want my teleprospecting reps to feel that right hand effect. One measure we take here at AG to achieve this is peer-training. During peer-training, the 2 reps that are servicing an account have the opportunity to listen to each other make dials, have conversations, leave emails, and then discuss their differences. Each project starts out with general messaging, it’s the individual that puts a personality to that message and makes it effective. Working as an individual grinding away day in and day out will get the job done eventually. Having a team mate to leverage peer-training with can give you the extra boost you need to be truly successful. My reps met with me after their training sessions with a new outlook on the job. They talked about style, changes they are going to incorporate in their introductions, buzz words they are going to use, and key contacts they are going to target.

After polling my team, I wanted to share one particular response:

 “Haley, I am writing a blog how I think peer-training is awesome and creates a really cool team vibe, what did you think of it”?

“What I really liked was having the instant feedback. Tom and I confer sometimes about different tactics but its almost more constructive to have your peer there experiencing the conversations first hand with you. When you have someone listening in you can discuss what just happened, how well it was handled, and what could have been handled differently. It helps to pick up new tricks and new tactics that normally you might not think of on your own.”

I think she hits the nail on the head. We are all great at what we do as individuals and are capable of getting the job done. It’s how we leverage one another and open ourselves up to team work that can be a true game changer.

Challenge yourself to take on your team mates; you may surprise yourself. 


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