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Sales Prospecting Perspectives Weekly Recap For Week Of September 13th


Happy Friday!

We hope everyone had a great week this week! Although Fall is fast approaching, and the days of summer are coming to an end…that isn’t the case for AG and great blogs!

I of course want to first highlight a great blog I found this week by Stephanie Tilton - Can’t Sales and Marketing Just Get Along? As the image portrays the two teams often do seem to fight like cats and dogs, and as it’s something that we’ve also touched on in our blogs she uncovers some great research on how and why the two teams are still to this day not communicating, and how to close that gap.

In other exciting news, the AG Salesworks App is now available on iTunes, check it out - it is a useful source of information.

Monday, September 13th 

Inside Sales Folks: There Is Light At The End Of The Awful Job Tunnel! - Another great entry from guest blogger Jill Ryan as she focuses on how both culture and referrals are big keys to our success.

” I was one of the lucky ones who took an interview here at AG. I knew someone currently employed with AG, and I immediately felt at home. Ahhh… bliss.  Jeans, flip flops, and Pandora radio. Who would have known that I could go to sleep on a Sunday without waking up to the Monday morning blues? I walked in here with the mentality that I would be working my tail off doing a sales job, while adding a legitimate name to my resume.”

Tuesday, September 14th 

When You Cold Call, Don't Let Anything Disrupt Your "Flow" – Craig Ferrara put together a blog that offers some great tips on how to keep from getting side tracked and focus on the task at hand.

“Realistically most of us work in an environment with constant distraction...let's paint the picture of a typical Monday...  Joanie will come by to ask a business related question that leads into what did you do this weekend, after 15 minutes of her yammering on you attempt to get off the ground and an e-mail pops up from a prospect that you must read - then as you are about to dial you decide to quickly brush up on the latest news on your prospect. Before you know it its 20 minutes later and you haven’t even made the call yet.

While these are all things we deal with throughout the day they can be addressed pretty simply. Here are a couple of tips that help to prevent the disruption of that flow..”. 

Thursday, September 15th

Is The Grass Always Greener On The Other Side? – Ian Jutras a new guest blogger, discusses how he left AG to pursue other career options, only to find that like Jill’s thoughts, other companies are unable to match what we provide here at AG.

“What we do can be hard, day in and day out. AG gives us something to look forward to everyday and something to work for. We want to work hard and make our management happy, but most importantly our clients happy. When it comes down to it, I have fun working here, my quality of life is better because of it and I work hard so that we can continue to keep the culture the way it is.”

Friday, September 17th

Do All Sales Reps Deserve Leads? – Chris Lang discusses his thoughts on distributing highly qualified leads.

“In my opinion getting fully qualified sales leads is not a right. It is a privilege that you earn by showing the powers that be that you can close deals at high percentage. Why give the same amount of "A" leads to a rep with a 10% close rate that you would give to a rep with a 30% close rate?”


Well that wraps up our blogs for the week! We hope you all have a great weekend! See you Monday!  


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