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Inside Sales Reps: Avoid Getting Too Comfortable with Your Client

Overly Attached Inside Sales Rep

Reading the title of this blog you might think, “Why would I not want to be comfortable with my client?” Or, “I have a great relationship with my client.” These are great responses, as you should want to have a good relationship and be comfortable in terms of communicating. But I am talking about getting to that point in your relationship where you might be getting lazy. For example, you could relate this to the point in a relationship with your significant other where you start to leave your clothes on the floor, or wear sweatpants to the movies. YIKES. This should never be the case with your client.

Sales Prospecting Perspectives Weekly Recap – Week of August 30, 2023

Weekly Recap

I can't believe it's finally the end of August. Fall is creeping upon us, employees are returning from vacation, and students are returning to school. We've published a few fall-based articles this week, and we're excited to hear what you think about them, and how helpful they've been to you! 

Inside Sales Reps: Prepare for Fall by Organizing Your Work Life

Fall Autumn Inside Sales

It’s nearing the end of summer. Sales reps might think that making cold calls to prospects will now be easier, but lately, it's becoming harder and harder every day. Why, you may ask? For the same reason leads were down in the middle of summer: Vacations.  Not only do individuals inside sales representatives call go on vacation, sending us automatic out-of-office email replies or recording voicemails that state "I will be out of the office until...", but us cold callers luckily get some time off as well.  The problem is that, as prospects are finally returning from vacation, they're pushing sales reps away. I have called many a person in the last few months who has said to me, "I just got back from vacation and I have a backlog of emails and voicemails to get through.  Can you call back in two days?"

5 Tips for Getting Out of A Sales Slump

Fat Cat Sales Slump

Going through a slump? Feeling like this fat cat?

Whether it's that time of the year, or your pipeline is looking depressing, or your personal motivation is lacking, there are endless reasons why you might be having a difficult period for passing leads. But this is not a bad thing. Since there are many reasons for a “sales slump,” this means that there are endless ways to escape it!

Here are some tips for getting out of a sales slump and back into doing what you do best:

How Deals Die in the Final Mile of the Sales Process

Sales Process Mile

Sales Prospecting Perspectives is pleased to bring you a guest post from Adam BeckerDirector of Sales at Tinderbox.

As a sales manager, I spend a great deal of time creating and implementing effective work practices in the sales process to make sure my team knows how to get organized, develop a call plan, and use tools to keep track of their notes and appointments. You can’t cater to the laggards in this business; as a colleague of mine from AG, Craig Ferrara, once said, “Bad oysters equate to lost time and money.” That’s why creating processes for the high performers to accentuate and try to replicate success is so important.

Sales Prospecting Perspectives Weekly Recap – Week of August 9, 2023

Weekly Recap 89 resized 600

Happy Friday, readers. At AG, we kickstarted this week with sales training for our inside sales reps at the Four Points Sheraton. Our reps spent four hours in the trenches with a professional sales trainer, practicing brain exercises, focusing on teambuilding, giving each other advice, sharing ideas and role playing specific sales scenarios. They came back to the office refreshed with information and ready to conquer more leads!

3 Ways to Improve Your Prospecting Call Plan

Call Plan

No matter what time of year it is, it’s important to stick to your company’s call plan. Of course, variation is fine depending on projects and clients, but it is best to try and keep the call plan on track. At AG, we have found that our call plan works for most projects and receives many responses from prospects at all levels and in many different departments.

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