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Inside Sales Reps: It Is All About A Positive Attitude!


Earlier this week, Craig Ferrara wrote a blog talking about how to prevent cold calling burn-out.  It has been mentioned in more than a few blogs how the culture here at AG is really unique.  Avoiding that “burnt- out” feeling has a lot to do with the people around you.  There are certainly days where this job starts to wear you down and you start to think that you can only hear “no” so many times.  As Craig stated in his blog, “cold calling is what you make it” and that starts with a positive attitude.

Inside Sales Is A Team Effort

Vince Lombardi

Tis the season for football fanatics and Super Bowl Sunday is upon us!  I can almost smell the chili and Buffalo wings now.  In preparing to write my blog for this week I was inspired by a blog by our own Laney Pilpel emphasizing the importance of not settling for average performance.  I got to thinking about the performance of the individual versus the performance of a team here at AG.  To most, inside sales can seem like an individual “sport” like tennis or golf.  But here at AG what is cultivated is much more of a team vibe much like well…football!  Our Directors and Managers do a great job keeping us motivated but also as inside sales reps motivate each other.  Just like in a huddle before a big game we motivate and strategize with one another as to how we will reach our goals and succeed.

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