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Should Your Inside Sales Reps Be More In Tune With Digital Media?


Digital Inside Sales RepsBusinesses consciously take great measures to create and sustain a positive online identity.  They want to be found, and once they are, they want to exude a good, lasting impression.  In the B2B world, the human behavior that precedes the act of evaluating and buying has changed drastically with the rise of social media and the availability of endless online intelligence. 

With this sudden rise, I pose the following two questions: 

  1. Should marketing make an investment towards digitally enabling their inside sales teams and individuals?
  2. How should inside sales people digitally enable themselves?

Just as inside sales representatives “Google” or do “background” research on their prospects, they too, are now being searched, on top of the potential partner/vendor company.  Outside of LinkedIn, most inside sales people have yet to take control of their online identity.  Now if someone did a Google search on you or a background check online, what would they discover?  Do you have any idea how you are represented online?  You need to be aware so you come off as a person with credibility and professionalism, and thus taken seriously by potential new clients.

When you hire a real estate agent to sell your home, you ideally want someone who has immersed themselves within that industry.  You want to feel assured that they know what they’re talking about, rather than hiring some bloke that does it part time for side money and really has no experience when it comes to real estate.  Same goes with inside sales, prospects like dealing with forward thinkers and thought leaders within their area of need.  Conveying this through digital media is a useful way to enhance that notion. 

Being an active member in the sales community is key; whether it’s with relevant articles you curate or publishing a blog. It could be adding value to discussions in LinkedIn groups, or networking with other professionals in your industry. The idea is to stay active, be visible and continue providing value without the sales pitch. Become a thought leader, a recognizable voice that your prospects will turn to when they are ready. But that all starts with being visible, and to do that in today’s world requires familiarity with digital media. 


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sales prospecting perspectives


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