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Have You Lost Your Mojo?


I was browsing Facebook and a friend of mine mentioned that she was severely lacking in mojo.  She polled her friends and colleagues (social media is great for many things) about what people do when they lose their mojo or are in a funk.  She combined some of the responses with her own suggestions in her blog post The Ultimate Guide To Finding Your Mojo.Sales Success, Sales, Marketing, 8 13 Wolff

I began to ponder that thought; what do I do when I am in a funk or have lost my mojo? There are going to multiple factors that may come into play when looking at how or why your mojo has been lost.  Here are three tips that will help you get it back.   

1.  Talk to a friend/co-worker - Many people in our office cultivated great friendships with our co-workers, whether it is over an adult beverage after work or talking about what our kids are doing.  I am lucky enough to sit near many members of our office who are great to talk and brainstorm with.  One person in particular has always been there for me and anyone else in need.  When I lose my mojo, he will get on his hands, knees, even his head to add a bit of humor and enlightenment to what could be a dreary day.  By talking with someone, you can get your mind working in a different direction and help you find your mojo and put a smile on your face.

2.  Listen to some music - Music is one of the greatest inventions.  They say that a baby, while in the womb, can hear music being played for it by the mother.  Early on in life music can change your mindset from a negative mood to a positive mood in a split second. Though music selections are going to differ depending on personal preference, the result is ultimately the same.  For me, it can range from listening to one of my favorite classical arrangements, Ravel's Bolero, to listening to Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody, and yes that would be with the head banging from the movie Wayne’s World of course.

3.  Stimulate your brain - One of the biggest factors that results in losing your mojo is when your brain is in a fog and you can't think clearly.  I like to do something that will stimulate the brain, whether it be reading some trivia, doing a crossword or maybe one of my favorite things, Sudoku.  Stimulating your brain can get the blood flowing and help you find your missing mojo,

These are three simple tricks to uncover your mojo after it has gone missing.  What types of tricks do you recommend when recovering from a funk and you need to find your mojo?


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