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A Whole New BDR Story


Kira comes into work on Monday morning, enters her cube and is discouraged to see her inbox is empty yet again! Kira lets out a sigh of defeat.

“What am I going to do?” Kira mutters under her breath.

Suddenly a cloud of blue smog appears accompanied by a loud bang. As the fog clears away a blue figure is floating above her cube with a creepy grin stretched across his face. She attempts to compose herself and barely gets out the words,

“Uhhh, hi. Who are you?Aladdin, Teleprospecting Tips, Inside Sales 8 3

The blue figure swoops down and knocks Kira off her computer chair, takes a seat and puts his feet up. “I’m your lead generation genie of course!” He exclaims.

 “My who?!”

“Your lead generation genie, you’re thirsty for leads and I’m your Gatorade, girlfriend!”

Kira just stands staring blankly at this lead generation genie, unable to come to terms with the fact that there is a little blue man sitting in her cube claiming to be the answer to her prayers. She also can’t seem to get passed how this genie’s voice resembles that of Robin Williams.

“Okay, get it together. I am here to grant you three wishes that will send you on the train to lead town. If you had three wishes that could result in lead passing glory, what would they be?”

“Um, I’m really not sure Lead Generation Genie. No one has ever asked me such a question!”

“Well think it over and make it snappy, I have a 9 o’clock with a BDR in Malaysia.”

“OH, err ok. I guess I would like to be able to build a solid rapport with all of my Reps. “

“Don’t’ we all? AND….”

“And I wish I had the patience to get through all of my probing questions while qualifying a lead.”

“Amen sister…AND….”

“And I wish that I wouldn’t feel defeated by prospects, so I could remain positive throughout the day.”

“Well alright!”Aladdin, Sales Prospecting Success Tips, 8 3 Kira

Suddenly the Lead Generation Genie spirals around Kira at light speed and with a blink of an eye he has vanished, leaving behind the same cloud of blue smoke as when he arrived. Kira is left behind coughing and confused. Once she composes herself she stands up and shouts “Okay, did anyone see that!?”

Kira’s cube neighbor Steve North looks at her very perplexed, “See what?”

Kira lets out a heavy sigh. “Nevermind.”

After Kira’s visit from the Lead Generation Genie she noticed a vast improvement in her work. Her leads were converting into qualified opportunities because she was diligently going through each probing question, ensuring that each lead was fully qualified. Kira also found that her new found open communication with her reps provided a clear understanding of what they were looking for in a lead. Lastly, her positive outlook prevented her negative calls from crushing her spirit. Therefore she was able to make more dials throughout the day! Overall Kira was eternally grateful for her visit from the Genie. It transformed the way she worked and led to great success! One day Kira was just hanging up with a prospect when the Genie appeared once again.

“Okay, thanks Andy. I look forward to reconnecting next week. Bye! ….Hi Genie!”

“You sound good, kid, you sound real good.”

“Genie, how can I ever thank you!? I am doing so much better now. I am a lead passing machine some may say!”Aladdin, Inside Sales Success, BDR Success Tips, 8 3

“I don’t think anyone says that” Says Genie

“Well they should.”

“Well Kira, there is really no need to thank me because you did this all on your own.”

“What do you mean? What about my wishes?” Kira says bewildered.

“You made them come true. You had the skills within you all along that have led to your success. ”

“I did?” Kira whispers as she gazes out into the distance dramatically.

“YEAH” Shouts Genie, snapping Kira out of her reverie. “But don’t let it get to your head. Just keep up the great work and you’ll go far. I hope our paths will cross again. Maybe you will prospect me one day! I am the VP of wishes at Genie in a Bottle Inc.  Anyway, until next time, later Kid!”

And with that he was gone. Kira never forgot what the genie taught her that day, that she didn’t need magic to find success. All she needed was little pushy blue guy to tell her she had it in her all along.


The End. 


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