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Sales Pros: Don't Sell, Have A Conversation


Just read a couple of great blogs by Gerhard Gschwandtner of Selling Power. Revamp Your Sales Pitch Today (You Might Win Big) and It's the Conversation Economy, Stupid!

Gerhard speaks about the power of having a conversation vs. using a sales pitch to help your prospects come to a buying decision. He also quotes the great Zig Ziglar who said “logic makes people think, emotions make people act.”  

These are two of most powerful sales tips I have come across in a long time. Think about it, I’m sure you know of someone who is a joy to speak with. They are engaging, asking questions, offering insight or interesting stories, always providing just the right level of energy to your conversation. On the other hand, you probably know of someone who you avoid speaking with at all costs. They might be the close talker, the loud talker, the one way conversationalist who goes on and on and on.  How about the monotone talker, no matter what they say, it just sounds boring. The over over excited talker, how tiring.

Anyway, you get the point. Sales is all about communication, and effective communication is not as easy as you might think. Politicians are expert communicators, study some of most successful politicians and you will learn a great deal about how to effectively communicate.

Nobody wants to be sold. Especially in today’s world of easy access to information, most people have done the rudimentary research prior to having the first sales conversation. They want to have a conversation about what they are trying to accomplish and how you and your offering might help. They don’t want to hear an overly excited salesperson telling them about all the wonderful bells and whistles their product or service offers regardless of whether it can help them solve their problem.

Did you ever notice how deals close a bit more easily when you are already at your number? You're a bit more relaxed, you want the deal, but the pressure is off. You can relax and have a conversation.

Be the person that people enjoy speaking with. Be interested and interesting. If you find through your conversation that you can help your prospect reach their goal or solve their problem, be enthusiastic and confident, but don’t go overboard. Remember you are helping them buy, not selling them.



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