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Try An Interactive Implementation On Your Next Teleprospecting Campaign


If you manage an inside sales team, you know that a strong implementation process is crucial. There is so much to understand and retain when ramping up for a new product. We have learned that most effective way to learn about a solution is not necessarily found in just product information. While it’s amazing that we have access to whitepapers, webinars, case studies, blogs and demos, interactive learning is crucial to truly understanding a technology or service. The amount of marketing materials available today can actually bog down an implementation week. Our process for implementation week involves working together as a team.

Interactive Implementation for Inside Sales

Implementation starts with Client Operations, Business Development Rep and the client’s team working together to fill out a series of work sheets over the course of a week. The documents put us in a position to understand the message, target audience, pain points and important critical information we need to gather. The features and functionality of the solution are secondary at this point – the focus is on what business problems the solution addresses.

Here is a look at a typical Implementation Week:

  • Kick the week off with an introductory call. Both sides provide introductions; we talk about expectations and set up the schedule for the week to review the documents.
  • The next meeting is a review of the scripting document. We provide the client with a series of questions customized to teach us how to talk to their audience. The document specifically includes an introduction, a “what we do” value proposition type of statement and a series of probing questions customized to guide a strong business conversation.
  • We follow this meeting up with the “Objection Kill Sheet”. We discuss the popular objections and how to over come them.
  • As the week progresses, we move onto the “Competitive Landscape.” We talk about the competition, how the client stacks up against their competitors, their value proposition and how to talk through a competitive objection or concern.  
  • By the end of the week we are in a position to apply all of this information to our deliverable, the AG Salesworks Salescard. The Salescard is a 2 page document that works as “cheat sheet” for the Business Development Rep. It’s a landscape view they can reference in their calls that provides company background, a high level “what we do” statement and a series of questions they can take the prospect through to learn about their environment and their concerns.

This process puts us in a position to kick off a successful lead qualification campaign.  The Business Development Rep has a clear understanding of the problems the product addresses and management has the tools they need to effectively train with the right message, avoiding a scenario of creating product overload. 



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