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Micromanagement Is Not A Bad Word, Particularly In Sales


Why is it that the term micromanage has such a negative connotation?  How many times have you heard, “I don’t like to be micromanaged” or “I don’t like to micromanage”.  Why not? What is so terrible about being micromanaged or micromanaging, if your productivity or the productivity of your team can be improved as a result?  

Let’s face it; some people need to be micromanaged.  Not everyone is a driven self starter.  I would argue that most of us aren't. Some job functions need to be micromanaged to get the most productivity.  For instance in my company we track stats daily, like number of outbound calls, emails, and quality conversations.  While our focus is on passing fully qualified sales opportunities that progress to forecast, it is important to know in real time that we are tracking the activities that ensure we succeed for our clients.

When I was a sales rep, I never really minded being micromanaged.  Frankly it made me work harder, and when I worked harder I made more money.  As a sales manager I experimented with several different styles.  The more interactive I was the better results I got.  I always start with a long term goal and build all the way back to the daily/weekly activity necessary to stay on track.  I would reach out to my direct reports, sometimes on a daily basis to ensure we were on track to meet and exceed our goals.  As a result, I very rarely missed my goals, most often exceeding them.

Now, I’m sure you are saying to yourself how annoying, his team must have hated to go to work. Not true, good people became great, marginal people became good and everyone made a little more, or in some cases a lot more money than we might have if we took a more relaxed approach.

It all comes down to how the process is framed, if you come off like a task master who is in it for selfish reasons, you will create a culture and results that leave much to be desired.  However if you are working as a team toward a mutually agreed upon goal, and are investing your time and expertise to ensure you all succeed, you will get the best possible results every time.

OK, I’m off to “check in” with a few of my managers...thanks for reading.


Hi!, I thought this was a good read. I've been dealing with a situation where the term "micromanager" is used in conjuncture with "demon," if you know what I mean.  
But, after observing many of the people who say they hate being micromanaged (and seeing what terrible work they did) and after watching several "non" micromanagers fail miserably at their job, I decided that the word micromanager is just another word for "please leave me alone because I just want to do it my way" whether their way was right or wrong. Its similar to the word "judge" or "discrimination," both incredibly important qualities, but used in such a terrible connotation that nobody wants to be "judgmental!"
Posted @ Monday, November 19, 2023 9:46 PM by jbm
I have been a top rep at several companies. Unfortunately the telecom wars have put me in a position of having to start over multiple times. No one starts at the top, and often companies read a resume and don't understand that having been a top rep at multiple companies means I refuse to lose, will work all hours of the day and night to win, will make more calls, listen and learn from everyone and create my path. Still I get tired of hearing from people who in a year won't be able to see me in the distance telling me what I am doing wrong when I am first experimenting. I also hate having to share my techniques, have people listen in on my demos, and especially people who are not trained in giving feedback telling me 10 things I did wrong on a demo, when I just got an email from the customer telling me what a great demo that was, and everyone is impressed. I do get nervous and lose "the zone" when I am thinking about everyone listening in on my demo and anticipating all the critiques in advance. I can't focus on my customer 100%.
Posted @ Tuesday, January 22, 2024 11:04 AM by RWB
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