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Sales Pros: Let’s Start Talking Peer to Peer


One of the hardest transitions to make in a sales career is gaining the confidence to talk to your prospects on a peer to peer level.  Confidence goes a long a way in a sales career; second to work ethic, it is what keeps a salesman/woman sane, well fed, and happy.  I had a recent business conversation with one of my prospects who was absolutely raving about the idea of a career in sales.  He was baffled as to why anyone who wants to make money would actually want to do anything else.  This prospect proceeded to ask me very direct questions that gave him a more personal feel for what I was trying to sell him; such as how I ended up where I am in my career, where I am going, and even how I am paid!  To my surprise, I answered him. 

Thinking back, it is no surprise that this gentleman is in love with his sales career.  He has mastered the interpersonal communication involved in successful business conversations.  Whether he is just talking to a sales rep (someone like me), or an SVP of Google, I am sure that his confidence takes him a long way in a conversation.  

When I was training inside sales reps at AG, the best advice I could give them was to talk to their prospect as if they are talking to a friend (of course keeping it professional). If a prospect receives a nervous message, their natural instinct is to get you off the phone as soon as possible. If you aren’t comfortable, they aren’t comfortable telling you anything.  When you ask questions with confidence, you will be surprised as to how much that Executive will want to keep speaking with you.  They best way to be confident in your conversation is to REALLY listen to what your prospect is telling you.  The biggest mistake I used to make was to think too much about what I am going to say next.  That isn’t how to actively engage in a conversation.  I’m not consumed with what I am going to say next when talking to my friends, why would I act like that at work. It is important to stop putting pressure on yourself about what is next when you get Mr. Executive on the phone.  The only way to carry a confident business conversation is to actually treat that business professional as a peer and LISTEN in order to confidently engage in that conversation. 

Relax and start listening to what that Executive is telling you.  You will be surprised as to the peer to peer respect your confidence will command.  


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