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Considering Hiring An Inside Sales Rep? What’s Your Plan?


If you are considering bringing on a new inside rep to find new business opportunities, there are a couple important steps to consider.  Without even touching on the HR components (not my area of expertise), there needs to be a significant amount of time and resources dedicated to the following areas:

Recruitment:  One of my colleagues recently forwarded me an article by Matt Bertuzzi of the Bridge Group, in which Matt highlights the fact that the inside sales position is in high demand.  Recruiting is similar to sales in that it is important that your job description is relevant and enticing to your target market.  Post it on a handful of high traffic sites to ensure that the right volume of candidates apply.  While quality always trumps volume, make sure to require the right credentials from your candidates that will ensure fastest ramp up BUT the lowest turnover rate for this position (meaning you also want to stay clear of overqualified candidates).

Ramp Up:  For optimal ramp up, we have found that 1-2 weeks of intensive training will provide the right amount of time for your new hire to retain new information while getting properly prepared for the phones as quickly as possible.   If this will be a 2 week ramp up, headcount will be needed to provide the necessary training and monitoring.  Your new hires training days should be completely scheduled making use of their entire work days. 

Metrics/Monitoring:  To ensure optimal performance from your team, metrics need to be put in place to ensure the right deliverable from an opportunity/lead standpoint.   Metrics should be based around call volume, conversation volume, lead volume, and be sure to close the loop with the success rate of their leads.   For more details on metrics, feel free to read my previous blog on the right metrics for your team

Your reps need to be constantly monitored, engaged, and trained to keep their skill level fresh.  If you have only a couple of inside reps it can be a lonely job, so make sure to keep an open dialogue and motivate them as much as possible – this means daily check ins!  If you have a team of inside reps, keep them motivated with short term competitions and rewards. 

While putting together the right plan for hiring an inside sales reps is essential, it is also important to involve members of the sales management team in the process.  Make sure to cover your bases with recruitment, training, and reporting, as this will ensure optimal success.  


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