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Don't Give In To The "Just Send Info" Teleprospecting Response


I have spent a lot of time putting together “additional information requested” collateral for prospects with no avail.  I've noticed that this usually means one of two things: 

  • You have not relayed the right information tailored to their needs: Getting a difficult prospect to respond to an email can be so exciting, it’s easy to want to bend over backwards to keep them on the hook. It’s important to remember that keeping them on the hook isn’t necessarily being at their “beck and call.”  Don’t be afraid to be direct with your prospect and let them know that you need to know their needs before sending additional information. The worst thing a sales rep can do is lose a good prospect by sending the wrong information that doesn’t resonate with them. 
  • They have not earned the information yet/too early to send: If a prospect is truly interested, a conversation to determine if they are a fit and if there is indeed a need, is necessary.  Asking for additional information could be a polite way to push you off the phone. It’s important to carve out time on your prospect’s calendar to figure out if it makes sense to move forward in the process and tailor information to their needs.  This way you can truly understand whether your prospect is in fact interested and a fit for what you provide. After determining those two things, it would then make sense to take time out of your day and tailor information to their business.
When cold calling, it can be difficult to cut down information that “may or may not” be pertinent to your prospect’s needs. Make sure you're asking the right questions and going through the qualifying process in order to determine whether they're just looking to get rid of you, or if they really are looking to alleviate pains they are experiencing. This way the appropriate information (if any at all) should be sent their way.

How much do you think is too much information to share with a prospect that has not been fully qualified yet?


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