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Sales Prospecting Perspectives Weekly Recap - Week of July 4th


Happy Friday!!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Monday off, for the 4th! It was a short week for us too,  here at AG, but we were still able to put together some great blogs for you to enjoy along with uncovering a few that we felt were well worth mentioning. A blog post that I found this week that I wanted to share is Dave Green's B2B Lead Generation: 4 ways to use teleprospecting in your next pilot (and 2 ways to measure it). It's a wonderful piece as it  really explains all around why teleprospecting is so important in your lead gen efforts. There is nothing more efficient then picking up the phone and getting to the bottom of what people want and are looking for in new solution. Social Media and Digital Marketing are great, but neither in my opinion, will provide as much information in as short amount of time as picking up the phone and speaking to prospects directly.

Tuesday July 5

How To Find Better Contact Info For Those In The Cold Call Trenches - Craig Ferrara found a great blog this week that he wanted to highlight. He talks about the different resources he's found that has worked well for him in the past, as well as a suggestion that he found in a blog post from Don F Perkins that he never thought to use.

"One of the biggest things we focus on during the first week of training with our business development reps is resourcefulness. It starts with a finding a good title. With what is available to us these days, you really should have no issue tracking down a name/title who you believe will assist getting you closer to the “right” person within your target account."

Thursday July 7th

Night Out At The Cold Calling Bar... - Chris Lang's put together a blog post that I found was both funny and true to both the cold calling life and single life.

"The fastest way to find out if you have any chance at doing business with your target audience is to simply call and start talking to them. Often times, you’ll find business that you never even knew you could land (you thought she was out of your league) simply because you reached out and asked. You need a good rap. You need confidence. This isn’t a guarantee that you’ll close business, but at this point it is your best option if you want to bring in business by the end of the year."

Well, That’s it for this week! Enjoy your weekend everyone and see you next week!


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