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How Are You Providing Value To Your Inside Sales Team?


Sometimes in our business, it’s difficult to stick to a daily agenda or plan. Sales Management has its ups and downs. Accounts that are flourishing and accounts that need special attention. Depending upon the nature of the beast, it is important to keep some structure to your day.

In operations it’s easy to get lost in the hustle of ramping up new projects and new BDRs, and neglecting everyday tasks. The team will always be facing challenges that are "Out of our control" when managing sales relationships. Things like: “We are out of names” “We are looking into new verticals to call into”, “Its school vacation week, no one is around” etc. Although these obstacles are valid concerns when yielding success, they are not the deciding factors on whether or not we do well.

To help combat these challenges I have a series of “to-do’s” that I like to require myself to do daily to keep my reps projects running smoothely:

  • Reengaging with the original targets. As discussed in our past blogs, last years trash is this year’s treasure. Companies are always going to be evolving, hiring and changing their business models, so why not reconnect? When you are low on new names and targets, get together some great check in emails, reach out to an old list and use that as an effective use of time to follow up, qualify the prospects in or out.
  • Sit in on calls with BDRs that are hitting road blocks. Shadow their calls and give them your attention to what they are hearing. Concrete feedback will result from hearing the specific objections and get you acquainted with what the market is saying. Once you are on the same page, you can be more engaged with the conversation that develops with the client around what the market is reporting back.
  • If you are underperforming on an account, address it. Talk as a team about what you are missing, and set up follow up tasks on the calendar to achieve success. Schedule a weekly call conversation around new verticals to dial into, a new product demo to watch or call shadowing sessions with your clients inside team.

We offer our services at AG as a package program, and it’s my responsibility to have daily tasks in front of me to make sure I am making the best use of my time, and being an appropriate resource for everyone in on my team.

How are you providing value to your inside team?


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