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Bad Attitudes Equal Bad Results


I am a numbers guy. I analyze the heck out of call numbers, connect rates, conversation rates, forecast percentages and of course the ultimate number, closed business. That being said, there is a very important factor that is often overlooked, attitude. I have seen telemarketing reps hit all of their numbers in terms of calls, connect rates, conversation rates and still not hit their lead number. Conversely, I have seen reps under performing on all of the same key metrics, yet they are killing it when it comes to the forecast they deliver. I would argue that having the right attitude is the most important aspect in telemarketing. I’m not saying you can do it without hard work and other things, but if the attitude isn’t there, the results won’t be. Here are the most common performance killers I see:

Submissive Reps: One of the common attitudes to take on especially if you’re in a slump is that of the submissive rep (SR). The SR is always overly polite and accommodates every single need the prospect has. On one hand they’re great because they make extra time for their prospects, they care about what their prospects think and work hard to fill all of the prospects needs. On the other hand, they get their arses handed to them in the telesales process. They get brushed off, stood up, give out too much information and they lose leads because the prospect dictated the conversation and eventually dictated that it was over. You have to be calm and assertive (yes that is fromThe Dog Whisperer). Play the role of the Alpha. Be in charge and lead the prospect.You’ll get your desired result much more often.

Arrogant Reps: Have you ever heard a sales or telemarketing rep talk about how stupid a prospect is because they weren’t able to pass them? EG: “So this idiot tells me that he doesn’t need what we offer because……” Some reps have an arrogance about them that makes them think that prospects are wrong if they don’t take a meeting with sales. If your reps are doing that, make sure they know that it is their job to communicate effectively and stimulate interest. It’s not the prospects job to be wowed by what the rep says and ask for a sales meeting. If a qualified prospect doesn’t take a meeting, it’s because the rep didn’t do a good enough job communicating and selling it and nothing else.

Negative: Where as submissive people get their butts handed to them by a prospect, a negative person kicks his own butt. Listen for reps that say, “I can’t”, “They won’t”, “It’s not”etc... In sales you have to be an eternal optimist. If you don’t think that your next call can end in a lead, it won’t. The negative attitude is what stops reps from asking about budget, it makes them hang up the phone rather than answer that last objection and it prevents them from closing out a set meeting time.

In the end, all of these attitudes really stem from one thing: fear. Submissive - fear of confronting the prospect and losing the lead. Arrogance - fear of realizing that you need to improve. Negative - fear of setting a goal and failing to hit it.

If you want your reps to succeed past everyone’s expectations, teach them how to sell fearlessly.


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