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Sales Prospecting Perspectives Weekly Recap Week of February 7th


Hi Everyone!

Welcome to another weekly recap! Even though Mother Nature has FINALLY taken a break in sending us massive amounts of snow...we haven't when it comes to producing and finding great blogs! 

I found this great piece this week by Don F. Perkins: Rules Of Engagement: "Where Are Your Nuts At?" It's an informative (and funny) piece regarding how to engage your prospects and help them to understand how you can potentionally help them with their challenges. 

Monday February 7th

Are Your Marketing Leads Slipping Through The Cracks? Nicole discusses ways to ensure that nothing gets overlooked in your lead generation efforts. 

"Teleprospecting is essential to maintain a healthy forecast for your sales team.  As you sales team does not always have the time or bandwidth to dedicate the appropriate amount of time to prospecting, make sure you have a team in place to keep up a healthy level of sales ready opportunities." 

Tuesday February 8th

5 Things Your Inside Sales Team Can Do To Adapt To The Sales "Ebb and Flow" - Craig discusses a few ways that he's noticed over the years that helps keep you on your toes within the inside sales world.

"I'm not suggesting you completely recreate yourself if you’re having a tough month, but at the very least consider making some small tweaks to your approach. It's that small amount of tinkering that could be all that we need to see the desired result...."

Thursday February 10th 

3 Things That Limit The Number Of Calls Inside Sales Reps Make - Chris Lang put together another great blog listing areas that you need to keep an eye on, in order to remain focused in your inside sales efforts.

"I get distracted by side projects all the time when all I should be doing is putting on my shoes, brushing my teeth and getting out the door. “Ok just have to brush my teeth and I’m all set…..wait….this medicine cabinet is so disorganized. I’ll just clean it out real quick. Ugh, the stupid tooth paste got on the shelf; I’ll just clean it off. Hey, the shelf is crooked…where are my tools?” Before you know it the toilet is off its bolts and in the hallway, there’s water everywhere, the bathroom door is sawed in half and my teeth aren’t brushed. None of the projects get finished and I’m late and unprepared for whatever I am doing. The same thing happens with inside sales teams when they are trying to make calls. Here are a few time killers to keep an eye out for."

Well I hope you enjoyed the blogs this week! As always we'd love to hear from you so please send us your feedback!

Have a great weekend and see you next week!


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