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Are You Getting the Most Out Your A Player Inside Sales Reps?

In my early years as an inside sales rep I would not necessarily have described myself as a particularly aggressive sales guy, but my boss didn't need to know that. Every couple of weeks she would sit down with me to listen in on dials, and of course I was on my best behavior. Everything she instructed me to do I did with no questions asked. Though I did get a certain amount of value out of our sessions, I usually felt I was not able to put my own spin on things during my prospecting. I felt the suggestions that I was receiving were more like step-by-step instruction of exactly what to say when you get someone live on the phones. Bottom-line for me was that I felt my input was not valued and I was essentially expected to "follow the script".

Over the next 3 or 4 days I would do as I was told, but eventually I gravitated back into the same habits that worked for me without incorporating the "suggestions" I received from my manager. Luckily for me I was reasonably successful quarter after quarter and a result my approach didn't come under much scrutiny.

The question is: Could I have been more successful?

I often listen in on calls with my business development reps to keep my finger on the pulse of what we're hearing day-to-day from our prospects. As we start each session I make it clear that I am not here to necessarily critique them, but would prefer that they viewed me my role as more of consultant, providing them suggestions on how they can be even more effective at the job. Though it truly is not my intention to critique my team, I want to get an honest sense of how their approach is resonating. Don't give me what you THINK I want to hear, give me what you are REALLY saying to people when I'm not listening in on your calls.  The obvious goal for me is to disarm them enough to truly uncover the things that could be preventing them from finding more potential business opportunities. 

In hindsight my boss brought many suggestions to the table that may have taken my performance to another level, but I felt I had no ownership over them so I rarely put them to practice. Meanwhile she assumed that my consistently strong quarters had much to do with her stellar instruction from the company teleprospecting handbook and as a result she spent a much larger percentage of her time with the low performers on the team.

What I've learned is that everyone has their own unique style on the phones. This unique style has to be encouraged (within reason of course) rather than discouraged. Take the time to sit with your teleprospectors and have a healthy discussion around ways to best meld their approach into your company's perceived best approach to making dials. You'll be surprised at the increased performance as a result... and not just from the low performers. You'll now have a group of A players who are performing at an even higher level because their ideas are not only valued, but are encouraged to be put into action.

How much time are you spending with your A & B players now? Do you train your A players any differently than your low performers? Do feel your employee's are provided the opportunity to put their 2 cents in?


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