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Sales Prospecting Perspectives, April 26th - April 30th


We had some interesting blog topics this week, to say the least.  I mean, who would have ever thought someone could equate The Wonder Pets with Teleprospecting!?  Somehow, Craig Ferrara found a way.  Anyway, on with the recap:

Tuesday April 27th

Cold Calling Requires TEAMWORK! - Director of Client Operations, Craig Ferrara, had a small epiphany while watching TV with his 3 year old.  Craig noticed the theme of teamwork while watching The Wonder Pets and related it to a teleprospecting team.  Craig wrote, "It could have been lack of sleep but while I was driving to work this morning, trying to get the damn song out of my head, it struck me that there were many similarities between the collective effort required for those little creatures to accomplish their goals and how we run our teleprospecing efforts here at AG."

Wednesday April 28th

Is it Easier for Your Customers to Buy? - AG's CEO, Paul Alves, shared his thoughts on sales processes, and ponders the question of ease of purchase from a buyer's perspective.  Paul wrote, "All too often I think we make it difficult for our clients to buy from us.  We try to fit prospects into our selling process, pricing is not flexible, contracts are onerous, terms difficult to meet.  It seems like common sense, but when I sat with my business partner and  looked at our process and pricing structure we realized we were not making it easy enough for our prospects to become customers."

Thursday April 29th

Increase Teleprospecting Connect Rates Through Revisions - Another guest post from BDR Jill Ryan, this time highlighting the importance of going back to the drawing board when your messaging doesn't resonate with your audience.  Jill shared, "Often times when we're crunching the phone trying to reach our quota, we forget that there is someone on the other end who has the choice to either read that email or listen to that voicemail. We've all been on the receiving end of a sales call and had preconceived notions of how that call would result. People are not robots so they are not going to call robots back.  Having said that, my connect rate increases through tailoring my emails and avoiding scripted voicemails."

Well, that's the recap!  Which blog article resonated most with you this week, and why?



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