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Is it Easier for Your Customers to Buy?


I just bought I car this weekend.  I have been considering a purchase for a while and looked at many brands.  I wanted a new car, but did not really need one, at least not right away.

After visiting 6 or 8 dealerships I had decided to keep my car for a while longer.  After all, I love my car and really didn't need a new one.  Then as I drove by a large dealership near where I live, I thought, what the heck I will just see what they have.  An hour later I drove out of the dealership with a new car.  I love it!  What happened?  My sales rep, Ed made it really easy to buy.  I told him I wanted a lower payment, more options, maintenance and tire and wheel insurance rolled in and did not want to put any money down.  Then I braced myself for the negotiating.  I would have been happy to land somewhere close.

Ed returned from his finance manager's office with approval for everything I had asked for.  I was a bit surprised.  All I could say was "OK, let's do it".

All too often I think we make it difficult for our clients to buy from us.  We try to fit prospects into our selling process, pricing is not flexible, contracts are onerous, terms difficult to meet.  It seems like common sense, but when I sat with my business partner and  looked at our process and pricing structure we realized we were not making it easy enough for our prospects to become customers.

While we have been very successful over the past eight years, times have changed.  Buyers want increased flexibility and reduced risk.  Buying my car was a no brainer; we needed to become a lead generation no brainer for our prospects.  I want my prospects to look at our offerings, price, and deal structure and say "why wouldn't we do this".  We know our value is tremendous; we just have to give our prospects the chance to find out what a value we are.

Recently we have re-tooled our pricing model to be more accommodating.  The reception has been tremendous.  We have made it easy to buy and have seen our conversation and conversion rates dramatically improve.

Sometimes you just have to get out of your own way, you won't have to worry about selling so much if you help your prospects buy.


I agree with you on keeping a sales process current. I would say you purchased from Ed because he had the best sales process. 
I bet he does that with all of his customers, hence a process. 
Thanks for the blog, 
Posted @ Wednesday, April 28, 2024 5:25 PM by Chuck Overbeck
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