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Keep Your Teleprospecting Intro Simple and Effective


"Here at XYZ Comp, we offer a solution to automate your process by blah blah blah."

This opener is inevitably going to happen. 

I've done it, you've done it, all great sales reps have done it.  After going through the whole process of training on a new product with your value proposition, learning all the key benefit points, and differentiators, going back to the importance of keeping the message simple can be the most difficult part.  I was reading an article by Michael Pedone, CEO of online sales training company,  entitled Bad Phone Sales Script Advice.  Michael drives home one particular point - "Don't start selling before you know the situation."  I cannot stress enough, how important this is in lead generating efforts. 

I had an interesting conversation with my Director of Client Operations.  We were trying to uncover why one of our reps is doing so well and another one is falling behind on the same project.  Interestingly enough, after listening to a scheduled call, our successful rep did not relay any product information.  Our most successful reps are skilled learning about the situation and frankly getting the prospect to do all the work. 

After we prepare our reps (until they are blue in the face!) with scripting and product information, they are beyond eager to get started on the phones.  When they finally get someone live on the phone, all the scripting is thrown out the window.  Let's be honest, using a script isn't the best way to sound unscripted.  Let's take a step back and focus on four guidelines that help to keep your intro simple while "uncovering the situation" directing you to your ultimate goal - qualifying the prospect.

  • Introduce yourself and your company- you wouldn't call a friend of a friend and start rattling off questions without a quick explanation of who you are - a referral makes this even better!

  • Verify they are the best person to speak with - Don't try to sell something to the wrong person! Verifying they are the best person to speak with is also a good ice breaker.

  • The purpose of your call - Be honest. Let them know that you are calling to learn more about their environment.

  • Transition question - As mentioned in previous blogs, this should be designed to get your prospect talking about challenges within their environment. Once the conversation has started and you have them talking, this will naturally guide the qualification process.

What do you think?


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