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Sales Prospecting Perspectives, February 15th - 19th


The older I get, the more amazed I am at how fast time really does fly by.  Here in Massachusetts it's school vacation week, and I'm guessing it may be the same for you.  I remember, as a kid, that school vacation week was the only duration of time that seemed to go by too fast for me!  Regardless, another week has gone by here at AG Salesworks, and with that, another week's worth of blogs!

In case you missed anything, here's the recap of blogs from this week:

Monday February 15th

So, You're a "Telemarketing" Firm? - DCO Matt Fitts recounts for us a dinner conversation he had while networking.  "One comment that was said during the conversation that stuck in my head, "So, you're a Telemarketing firm?'"

Tuesday February 16th

New Teleprospector Evaluation Process - Craig Ferrara, another one of our DCO's, shares his thoughts on the importance of having an evaluation process in place for your new hires.  Craig wrote, "You've taken the time to bring a candidate through an extensive interview process, run them through a thorough training...and then what? 'Here are the yellow pages. Make it happen!' Guess what?  Inevitably they are going to fail.  We've found that you need to be there for them over their first 3 months as a continual support system and at the same time you need to pay special attention to potential warning signs."

Thursday February 18th

Sales Prospecting and Closing the Loop - One of our Implementation and Training Managers, Ilona Jazdowska, revisits the necessity of some sort of feedback process in determining teleprospecting ROI.  Ilona shared, "If you are anticipating a certain ROI from your telesales efforts, you need to be ensured that the calls that your team has scheduled are occurring."

Which entry resonated with you this week?  Was there anything that you disagreed with?



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