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The A to Z of Inside Sales Training [Infographic]


With inside sales training tactics advancing every day, it’s important for managers to stay up to date on the latest training news. However, instead of only focusing on how to train their reps, managers should also focus on how to train themselves to equip reps with the best tools and strategies they need to get the job done.

And the people who can help the most with that task may be closer than you think. 

In yesterday’s #ProspectingChat about sales training with Josiane Feigon, Chris Snell said something that struck a chord with us:

Before, during, and after training, inside sales managers should prepare reps, observe behavior, and reinforce strategies learned. But they can’t do this all alone. It’s important to remember throughout this entire process that reps need to feel in control of their own path as well. They need to know what competencies they’re measured against, they need to have multiple options for training so they can learn at their own pace and with their own learning style, and they need a manager who will work hard to understand them and be in the trenches with them.

After all, great sales leaders are not born from apathy.

If you’re not present and, more importantly, contagiously enthusiastic through each phase of the training process, you’re doing your inside sales team a disservice.

In conjunction with our latest content, The Inside Sales Manager’s Guide to Sales Team Training, we’ve released an infographic that guides inside sales managers through the training process. Want to know how you can participate during training without getting in your reps' way? Need to know what metrics are most important to measure before and after training? This infographic has it all, and it’s free and viewable right here.

Here are some more details:

The A to Z of Successful Inside Sales Training Infographic includes:

  • Advice for generating interest and expectations before the training event 
  • Examples of competencies that are important to measure before and after training
  • Sales training statistics applicable to strategies for better training and coaching
  • Clear processes for inside sales managers to follow before, during, and after sales training

View the infographic here. For a more comprehensive view of the inside sales training process, read the Inside Sales Manager's Guide to Sales Team Training by AG Salesworks and Josiane Feigon. Please feel free to share this infographic with other B2B sales professionals who would like to improve their training processes. Happy training!

Allison TetreaultAllison Tetreault is the Marketing Content Coordinator at AG Salesworks. She writes, designs and promotes new marketing content every month, monitors and produces updates for social media networks, gathers important data from marketing and sales efforts, and maximizes the potential of content marketing efforts. Read her articles here.


The Inside Sales Manager's Guide to Sales Team Training

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