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4 Communication Tips for Ramping Up a New Inside Sales Client

4 Communication Tips for Ramping Up On a New Inside Sales Client

Ramping up on a new project can be stressful for business development and inside sales reps. There are many different marketing materials they need to read, and processes they need to understand, before they’re able to start prospecting. Training is rigorous and ongoing. Each project and each client is different, so the necessary ramp-up materials always change. One thing never changes though: in order for a successful ramp up, sales reps need to have a good relationship management strategy. In layman's terms, they need to be able to communicate and collaborate with closing reps effectively.

The best way to set a new project up for success is to organize a productive ramp-up week, as I described in my last blog post on this topic. The ramp-up week is a critical period where clients and their sales team (which includes business development reps, managers, and directors of client operations) connect to share goals and expectations. This is also the perfect time to set a precedence for the relationship between these teams. Effective and constructive communication is very important in order to create and maintain a positive relationship. Here are four communication tips to remember when ramping up with a new client:

1. Actively Listen.

It’s important to take the time to listen and internalize all information you are given during the ramp up period. We’ve talked about the importance of active listening in sales calls; be active listeners with your clients, too. Take notes and show sincere interest in the ramp up materials presented to you. Paraphrase the material to show that you are internalizing it and to confirm the understanding of both parties. Active listening will help you retain new information, which will better the relationship between you and your client.

2. Ask Questions.

It is important to make sure that the whole team is on the same page. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to clarify any ramp-up material. Your client will appreciate your desire to follow up and your interest in their product or service. Instead of sitting on your hands when learning new information, show your outside reps how politely persistent you are early on, and they will appreciate your desire to be politely persistent to prospects on the phone.

3. Share thoughts.

It’s important to emphasize a collaborative client relationship. Brainstorm with your client on scripting tactics and prospecting techniques. You may want to mention other techniques that have worked for you in the past. Your client will once again be grateful that you’re invested in the project enough to contribute your own ideas to make it better.

4. Be patient.

Especially when moving between different projects, it’s important to be patient. Not every client will want to use your suggestions. Remember to respect everyone’s thoughts and experiences and keep an open mind. Don't get discouraged; there is a lot of new information to learn during the ramp-up time frame, and it will take some time for the teams to adjust to working with one another. Every client is different, and so are their processes and strategies. To make the ramp-up process easier for both outside and inside sales reps, remember to be patient.

Hopefully these communication tips will help you better the relationship between outside and inside teams when ramping up on a new project. Communication and collaboration is absolutely essential when both teams are working towards the same goal: more qualified leads and conversations.

What communication tips would you add to this list?

patrice resized 600Patrice Morrison, a Business Development Representative, has been working for AG Salesworks since February 2013. She keeps her clients happy by identifying and qualifying opportunities through cold calling efforts and emailing campaigns. Patrice is an avid member of AG's social media team. She also participates in the training and development of new hires. Read her articles here.

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