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4 Ways Inside Sales Reps Are Like Hunger Games Tributes


Inside Sales Hunger Games

Sales Prospecting Perspectives is pleased to bring you a post from Patrice Morrison, a Business Development Representative at AG Salesworks. 

I’ve seen inside sales described using many analogies. But my favorite analogy by far is the comparison to the popular series, The Hunger Games. These books and movies focus on a woman who has to fight to the death in order to survive The Hunger Games, a twisted competition in which children ages 12 - 18 are forced to particpate, created by central officials to deter rebellion. Now you may be thinking: “How in the world could you see any similarities between the sales world and the dystopian world described by Suzanne Collins?” Even though they’re not shooting bows and arrows at jabberjays like Katniss Everdeen, inside sales reps actually share many qualities with Hunger Games tributes. Here are four:

1) Drive. Both inside sales reps and Hunger Games tributes possess drive. As we have emphasized, drive is one of the many unique qualities that makes an inside sales rep successful. Each month and quarter, inside sales reps must accomplish goals and complete challenges. Possessing a drive to succeed helps inside sales reps focus on goals and gives them the ambition to reach their full potential, just as drive helps Hunger Games tributes stay alive.

2) Competitive Nature. Because reps are competitive by nature, a fun way to motivate the sales team is through friendly competition. Many companies will use games or contests to promote competition among inside sales reps (gamification). Of course, inside sales competitions are much less deadly than Hunger Games competitions! At AG, we enjoy weekly and monthly competitions. For example, this month, the managers organized an internal March Madness bracket in which inside sales reps competed in head-to-head challenges which included a variety of sales-related metrics. The contests promote a healthy work ethic and provide the opportunity for team building, creating a fun work environment.

3) Teamwork. The tributes that created and maintained alliances were able to last longer during the games. Inside sales reps are also more successful when they have the support of their coworkers. The tributes have mentors and sponsors to help them navigate the games;  inside sales reps have a management team to assist them with goals and assignments. The management’s role is to provide their team with the tools and technologies they need to reach their full potential. With a healthy support team established, an inside sales rep is set for success.

4) Creativity. In order for a tribute to be successful, they must use creativity to make the best of their resources. The same concept applies for inside sales reps. A little creativity will go a long way. A successful rep will use innovative strategies to complete their tasks and reach their goals. Each person has their own experiences and talents, which can give them a unique advantage during competitions. This can be especially useful to an inside sales team because reps can share ideas and work together to help one another accomplish goals.

Treat inside sales as a tribute would treat the games, and you’ll be set to win, accomplishing objectives and completing tasks.

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