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10 Top Things Our Inside Sales Reps Are Thankful For


Happy Thanksgiving Sales Prospecting Perspectives readers! We thought it would be fitting to highlight what inside sales reps here are thankful for:

1. Sales tools like Inside View and SalesLoft

SalesLoftHelping the “cold call” be not so cold.  These tools help inform inside sales reps about pertinent information regarding the prospect and their company.  The more information and research that inside sales reps can gain regarding prospects the better, and what better way than having these tools within your CRM or internet browser? 


2. Leaving a successful voicemail and receiving a call back

They’re listening! They’re really listening! There’s no better feeling than picking up the phone and hearing, “I got your voicemail earlier, and I’m interested.” Your voicemail was just the right amount of time to pique the prospects’ interest, and it might even lead to a lead! Pun intended. This Thanksgiving we’re thankful for the days when inside sales reps get a call back after leaving a successful voicemail.


3. Email Templates

    Because typing out every single email is going to ruin your manicure. Seriously though, email templates are very helpful sometimes, especially if you're sending out a mass email campaign. Creating your own templates isn't so hard, either, and you can learn how to do so in our Email Prospecting guide



    4. Reliable CRM

    If you can’t trust your CRM, than who can you trust? No one, that’s who. It's important to be using tools and technologies that you trust. At AG Salesworks, we're happy to use a reliable CRM that logs all our data from our teleprospecting campaigns and keeps it safe. Otherwise, we might have to reprimand the computer, like in the image to the left!

    5. Active year-end initiatives

      What’s that? You’re in the middle of looking for EXACTLY WHAT I’M OFFERING? Active year-end initiatives are the best, especially at this time of year. Who doesn't want to hear from prospects that they need your product or service, and that their decision maker is already on board with the idea of buying it? This is one of the many reasons the holidays are so cheerful around AG.


      6. LinkedIn.

      Browsing Professional Social Networks: fun AND educational. LinkedIn is like a utopia to inside sales reps who know how to use it right for prospecting. Research about your prospects is right at your fingertips, and you can even track them and follow their updates. It’s great for knowing your prospects and updating your lists! This Thanksgiving, we’re thankful for how much LinkedIn eases the difficulty of our jobs.

      7. Memes / Some Ecards / Buzzfeed / Cold Call Me Maybe

      The Internet: the greatest distraction since… oh look, puppies! If you haven’t visited our Tumblr or Pinterest, then you don’t know what you’re missing. We reblog Cold Call Me Maybe every week, and we have a whole cornucopia of great memes on Pinterest. When we see a GIF that we can especially relate to, we cry out laughing. It’s a great stress-reliever to the day, especially knowing that others are experiencing the advantages or difficulties we do as inside sales reps. We’re thankful that sites like this exist, and that we found them and are able to share them with others!

      8. Company Culture

      There’s no point in coming in to work with jerks every day. Here at AG, we’ve strived to create a better company culture, as our latest eBook by CEO Paul Alves shows. For that reason, inside sales reps here are excited to step into the office every day. They’re surrounded by friends who serve to push us all to success. Lunch times are awesome, as we all get to know each other a little better. The company culture at AG is something we’re all thankful for, because it brings us closer together as employees and ultimately positively impacts the work!

      9. Pinterest

      I don’t think you understand how important making my cube into a cardboard castle is to my productivity. All of our Sales Prospecting Perspectives blogs and our favorite daily sales and marketing blogs go on our Pinterest, but we also have a few fun folders on there, such as Cube Life, which shows awesome things people have done with their cubes, and a board for inspiration with quotes and motivators. We also have employee and pet spotlights. It's a great marketing tool, and it's fun as well!

      10. Executive MurphDog

      MurphDog - the greatest office mascot of all time. You may never have heard of her before, but she’s a staple around the office… Murphy is a half Boston terrier and half who will eat anything in front of her, and habitually sniffs every cube’s trash cans at around noon. She begs a lot, and she likes to play with balls, and she’s a great stress-reliever around the office. We’re a firm believer that pets in the office can positively impact our work. Murph Dog is a prime example of that! 

      Hope you enjoyed our list!  On a more serious note, we would like to wish all of our clients, partners, and friends a safe and very happy Thanksgiving!

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