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The Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions About Teleprospecting Scripts

Teleprospecting Sales Scripts

It’s the second full week of 2014 and our client implementations are in full effect as we kick off the New Year. As you can imagine, one of the biggest components to ramping up these implementations is script development. The creation of scripts is key to making any teleprospecting campaign successful and is the first thing we look at when it comes to ramping projects. There are a ton of questions that arise throughout the scripting process, so I thought it would make sense to address some of those concerns.

3 Topics to Discuss on a Teleprospecting Call

checklist resized 600

Everyone talks about asking the right questions on the phone and getting quality information… but what topics should you touch upon?

Having a script makes teleprospecting easier than winging it, but you can’t write out what the prospects are going to say every time. You can make educated guesses, but it is impossible to map out every direction the conversation can go. Having a few core questions in your arsenal can help fill gaps in conversations or guide prospects in a more focused direction if they do not seem to be clicking with your introduction.

Sales Prospecting Perspectives Weekly Recap - Week of October 4, 2023

Weekly Recap

Happy Friday Sales Prospecting Perspectives readers! It’s been a busy week on the blog: we’ve been guest posting at several other blogs and a few of our BDRs have expressed interest in blogging for us. We’ve also started our social media team, here, allowing several BDRs the flexibility to expand their contribution to the team beyond their job description. Follow us on Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, StumbleUpon and Youtube. You’ll be seeing a variety of updates about sales prospecting, our company culture, and more!

Inside Sales Reps: Avoid Getting Too Comfortable with Your Client

Overly Attached Inside Sales Rep

Reading the title of this blog you might think, “Why would I not want to be comfortable with my client?” Or, “I have a great relationship with my client.” These are great responses, as you should want to have a good relationship and be comfortable in terms of communicating. But I am talking about getting to that point in your relationship where you might be getting lazy. For example, you could relate this to the point in a relationship with your significant other where you start to leave your clothes on the floor, or wear sweatpants to the movies. YIKES. This should never be the case with your client.

How to Write: A Grammar Guide for Marketing Content and Sales Emails

Grammar in Email Prospecting

I’m often surprised by how many awkward phrases, spelling mistakes and grammar blunders I see on the Internet. Renowned blogs and magazines post content that I have to stop reading halfway through because doing so is frankly painful. Sometimes, I receive sales emails so replete with grammar inaccuracy that I delete them before finishing them. I definitely don't reply to them. If you're a sales prospector or marketer, this is certainly not the reaction you want readers to have to your content. 

Inside Sales Managers: Empower Your Employees and Simplify Your Day

Empower your Employees

If you're human, then I assume you struggle, as most of us do, with balancing your time during the day. Sure, there might be days where you manage to check off every item on your list and it doesn't seem like such a monumental task, but that situation generally tends to be the exception more than the norm for us lately.

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