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3 Questions To Ask About The Qualified Lead You Just Received...

What is a qualified B2B lead

If you partner with a teleprospecting firm or have an in house inside sales team, they may have some sort of scoring system in place to evaluate the quality of the opportunities they are throwing over the fence to sales.  I applaud the idea in theory, but I can't help but equate it to letting a 6th grader fill out their own report card.  ALL A'S BABY!!  I'm not accusing your vendor or in house inside sales team of dishonesty; I'm merely stating that they are biased as they generated the opp.  If you really want to find out if your fully qualified leads are living up to that name, ask your customer...the salesperson receiving it.  You can easily ascertain the quality of an opportunity by asking your sales people these three basic questions. 

The Marketing And Sales Debate Over A Qualified Lead


Accepting a ‘disconnect’ between marketing and sales is unacceptable.  When working in conjunction with each other as a team, both groups have the ability to create a finely tuned machine that drives revenue. With the appropriate and consistent communication between marketing and sales, this does not have to be overly complicated to achieve.  The lead qualification process is a necessary and obviously important bridge to cross in order to translate the marketing team’s work into revenue dollars.  Most importantly, constantly generating the right amount of pipeline will keep the sales team cranking. 

Sales Prospecting Perspectives Weekly Recap - Week of March 21st


Happy Friday Everyone!

I hope everyone had a great week! Great news for all you Droid users! Due to the success of our iPhone/iPod app we also came out with an Adroid app! Both of these apps provide great inside sales content including direct feeds to our blogs!

3 Corners You Should Never Cut With Your Telemarketing Team


Have you ever failed miserably at completing a task because you tried to do it in a manner you wished it to be done, rather than doing what has been proven to actually work? I’ve put “dry clean only” in the wash; I’ve “jerry rigged” the Christmas tree to the car rather than fully wrapping and tying it down. I’ve used duck tape to fix my grill. The results: new tiny sweaters for my nephew, a 2 mile “There’s a damn Christmas tree in the middle road” back-up on interstate 93 and  the infamous atomic grill incident of 2002.

Last Years Trash List Can Be This Year’s Treasure

describe the image

Sales Prospecting Perspectives is pleased to bring you another guest entry from one of our BDRs, Jill Ryan. 

Tips for Inside Sales Success: Closing the Loop with Quality Feedback

One of my responsibilities is gaining feedback on the quality of the opportunities we pass, part of our Post Feedback Process.  So if you are one of our clients (especially if you are a sales rep at one of our clients) - I don't mean to bother you on a daily basis, nor be a pest when I follow up to gain your feedback; but to have the knowledge and understanding of how the call went is very important not only for AG but for you as well.  The value of gaining feedback from the outside reps on the quality of the opportunities passed is to ensure that your investment in your teleprospecting team is being utilized to the fullest.  You want to not only make sure that the follow up calls occur, but that the opportunities meet the criteria to move forward in the sales process and close within your average sales cycle.

I have written about the importance of closing the loop between Marketing and Sales.  It is equally critical to close the loop between your inside and outside teams! There can often be a disconnect between an inside sales team and the field reps. Once the lead has been passed over there is no further communication between the two parties as to how the call went. The value of having a feedback process in place is that you can make sure everyone is on the same page and that the inside sales team is aware of what makes for a good opportunity.

The Importance of Sales Lead Scoring

Large Hadron Collider

Today's Sales Prospecting Perspectives post is from Chris Lang, AG's Sales Director.  

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