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The Outbounding Index: How Does Your B2B Prospecting Stack Up?

Outbound Index Vol 1 thumbnail April, B2B Sales Prospecting

In December of last year I approached Matt Bertuzzi of The Bridge Group, Inc with an offer. I’d hand over the keys to our massive database of real, active, and standardized CRM data if he could do one thing for me. Could he find a way to make it useful.  Well, after many months of hand wringing, iterations, verbal altercations, and math, Matt has done just that.  Enter the Outbound Index.

When Sales Reps Attack

Sales Reps Attack, Sales Morale, 3 6 Pete

Few types of people can impact a teleprospecting reps day more positively than the sales rep(s) that they support. When you are creating opportunities via Outbounding, sales is your customer. Therefore, any teleprospecting rep worth their salt cares what their assigned sales reps think about them. When played correctly, a great sales rep can actually increase the value they are receiving from Outbound by playing the right role.  Unfortunately, it’s been our experience that they usually end up subtracting value through their interactions with their assigned teleprospecting reps. In many cases it’s up to the manager who oversees the teleprospecting team to provide the leadership, guidance, and big stick required to keep sales in line in terms of how they deal with their assigned teleprospectors.  

Outbounding Is Not A Crime

Outbound Marketing, Sales Process, 2 14 Gracey

Outbounding. This is the term we think people should start using to describe a formal Telequalification process. Here’s how we define it at a high level.  

Inbound AND Outbound

inbound marketing, outbound marketing, Email Tips, 6 13 Pete

I love automated email marketing.  It has changed the rules of the game for opportunity generation firms and allowed us to dramatically increase rep productivity.  When you dial in the right automation tool for your marketing organization you see the immediate impact in the form of increases in web traffic and inbound opportunities for your teleprospecting team.  However, the majority of companies seem to stop there.  They automate the delivery of their high level marketing message, but don't push that same automation out to their sales teams. 

2 Management Mistakes That Led To Business Lessons

5 2 Pete3

I've had my fair share of management mistakes over the last 15 years. Some are far too epic to openly admit via this blog. Mistakes, while horrendous in the near term, can serve you well later on. Looking back on some of my doozies, I remembered some more substantial ones from my days as an entry level manager in the hotel industry.  

I Wish Every Year Was An Election Year!!

AG Salesworks Election year success

With the non-stop press coverage of the coming election I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon and share some election year related data with all of you.  We just concluded the best January in our almost a decade of being in business.  I know that the main reason for our great sales and client retention performance last month is our people and processes, but for some reason I felt that there may be other forces at play as well. 

Spreading Holiday Cheer


It's that time of year again.  The time of year when the AG Team never ceases to amaze with its holiday cheer.  

We once again had a wonderfully mistake filled holiday party.  Tomorrow we'll be having an employee driven Holiday Pot Luck for lunch.  All great stuff for sure, but none of it compares to my favorite  helping out those in need and this is where the AG crew truly shines.  

10 Things About Operating A Teleprospecting Firm To Be Thankful For


It's that time of year where every blogger in the universe posts what they are thankful for, or tries to work what they do into a Thanksgiving meal metaphor.  Given my general lack of creativity I LOVE THIS TIME OF YEAR.  I love it because I can do a top ten list of things I'm thankful for.  This has been a banner year for AG so I have much to be thankful for.  I consider myself a lucky man to be a member of this team and to truly enjoy what I do. Without further adieu, here are the top 10 Professional things I'm thankful for this year....

3 Key Reports To Run When Analyzing Your Teleprospecting Campaign.

Teleprospecting Reports

Adaptation is the key to any successful teleprospecting campaign.  You’ll have your list, your script, your reps, and your CRM ready to roll.  You’ve done it before and logic would dictate that you just need to replicate previous successful behavior to ensure success.  NOPE, this is not the case. That is the beauty of our business.  No two campaigns are exactly the same.  One of the cornerstones of our success at AG over the years has been understanding this very fact and treating each new campaign uniquely.  This mindset creates a project management culture here that evaluates performance daily and is constantly on the lookout for ways to improve each unique campaign.  The food that fuels this improvement comes in the form of our comprehensive reporting.  The daily analysis that AG Directors look at educates and empowers them to make aggressive and timely course corrections that ensure that we generate boat loads of forecast for our clients. We’ve compiled the 3 reports we find most useful for this and I have shared the details on them below.    

Dissecting A Horrible Sales Prospecting Email

Email Bad resized 600

I went through a fun exercise with the AG team today.  I forwarded the prospecting email below that I had received and asked them to very simply to identify the three things that they felt would bother me the most about it. Specifically, the three things they thought made me close this email before even finishing the first sentence.  

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