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It's Holiday Time: Embrace and Plan For It In Your Teleprospecting

Embrace the holidays in your teleprospecting

It’s December 1st, what’s more predictable then a holiday inspired blog. Some are playing Christmas music from their cubes, people are traveling and leaving early for family gatherings and your Company is probably leaving early at one point for their own Holiday get together. Everyone is really excited for the Holidays and the New Year and somehow you feel like your business is in a crisis.  How will we ever overcome! Bah Humbug!

10 Things About Operating A Teleprospecting Firm To Be Thankful For


It's that time of year where every blogger in the universe posts what they are thankful for, or tries to work what they do into a Thanksgiving meal metaphor.  Given my general lack of creativity I LOVE THIS TIME OF YEAR.  I love it because I can do a top ten list of things I'm thankful for.  This has been a banner year for AG so I have much to be thankful for.  I consider myself a lucky man to be a member of this team and to truly enjoy what I do. Without further adieu, here are the top 10 Professional things I'm thankful for this year....

The Santa Selling System


Santa must do awesome in his yearly reviews. Aside from his food addiction issues and a penchant for the dramatic entrance via fireplace, his boss really has nothing to complain about. It would appear Santa is doing pretty well for himself too. Sales people often judge their peers based on possessions. Nice suits, accessories and of course a sweet ride are all signs of a rain maker. No offense to my colleagues driving BMW’s and Mercedes, but the man drives a mahogany sled with mythical flying reindeer as the engine. That must cost a fortune! When it comes to the suit, well I don’t think I really have to go into it, but I assume a weatherproof size XXXL velvet suit goes for big bucks. So how does he do it? I think we could all take a page out of Kringle’s book to become better sales people in 2011.

November/December: #3 and #4 Sales Productivity Months Of The Year


We conducted a very rudimentary study of our monthly performance over the past 8 years and the results may surprise you.  How many of you have had inside sales reps come to you and say “the holidays are killing me, I can’t get anyone live on the phone”..or some variation of that line.  I used to feel the same way until I actually took a look at the numbers and realized that statement couldn’t be farther from the truth. 

Happy Holidays from AG Salesworks!

AG Christmas

A Special Holiday Thanks to my Team:

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