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4 Guidelines For Prospecting Into State And Local Governments

State and Local Government Prospecting, Sales, 1 17 Maureen

I’ve never enjoyed dealing with the DMV. With all the time I’ve had to spend over the years standing in line waiting for my number to be called, the amount of forms I’ve had to fill out and the outrageous fees I’ve had to pay, you might think I would want to spend as little time thinking about the DMV as possible. I suppose one might be surprised that not only have I been interacting with the DMV as often as possible in every state across the US, but asking them for their time and money. Just like any other organization, it’s in their best interest to reduce costs, save time, resources and reduce risks. Below are a few helpful hints I’ve found while prospecting into the DMV and other state and local government agencies.

4 Guidelines When Teleprospecting into Higher Education

Calling into Higher Education, Teleprospecting Higher Education 7 12 Wall

Sales Prospecting Perspectives is pleased to bring you a guest post from one of our BDR's, Maureen Wall.

When you talk to most people about their college experiences, you will often hear them reminisce of wild parties, last minute attempts to cram a whole semester worth of information into one gruesome all nighter, and rolling out of bed still in pajamas to head off to class.  I have been fortunate enough to revisit this area in a much different way through teleprospecting. Prospecting into the education space brings a set of unique challenges. Below are some tips that I have found helpful.

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