Market Intelligence

Market and Sales Intelligence Acquisition

The cornerstone of any sales or marketing effort is a solid understanding of your marketplace. Identifying target accounts, locating the proper contact, and understanding their unique pains and needs are all critical components of a complex sale. Through our own proprietary calling methodology, AG Salesworks effectively and efficiently navigates through target organizations and captures vital market and sales intelligence. We deliver both the raw data, as well as, our thorough analysis of campaign metrics, trends, and barriers to entry.

Our Project Management teams provide the following services:

Customer Satisfaction Survey
AG identifies potential problems, success stories and new sales opportunities. We provide valuable leading indicators while improving customer retention.
New Vertical / Industry / or Product Analysis
AG takes a thorough look at the landscape of a potential marketplace. We discover critical information about the infrastructure of potential customers and how they currently handle the pains your solutions alleviate. We uncover competitive information and determine how and when new evaluations take place.
Key Account Identification and Mapping
AG Navigates through multiple business segments of your target accounts and gathers contact information for appropriate executives. We provide a unique glimpse into the evaluation, budgeting, and decision making process of your top prospect accounts.

In Our Experience

"Many companies gather market and sales intelligence primarily through their sales process. This limited view is based on an opportunistic searching of “low hanging fruit” rather than a methodical sales intelligence gathering effort. Often times, the ‘bad news’ is swept aside or ignored; despite being invaluable to strategic planning. By utilizing a diligent, methodical approach to sales intelligence gathering, AG Salesworks delivers a complete and unbiased snapshot of your marketplace. Our clients are armed with essential competitive and strategic sales intelligence that empowers them to execute highly targeted and successful outbound campaigns." - Laney Pilpel, Director of Client Operations

Market and Sales Intelligence Solutions:


  • Enables development of highly targeted messaging and strategic planning
  • Improves the effectiveness of current and future outbound programs and initiatives


  • Identifies pain, objections, preferences, and competitive landscape in target accounts
  • Uncovers new opportunities within existing customer base while improving retention


  • Provides insight and leading indicators critical to corporate and spending strategies
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