Best Practices: Marketing Automation Can Help Qualify Leads with Your B2B Teleprospecting

describe the imageAG Salesworks joined with ActOn Software for this webinar on best practices in combining marketing automation tools with outbound teleprospecting in order to get the strongest ROI for your campaigns.  

Some of the Highlights from the Webinar: 

  • Lead scoring can help assist in the hand off process between Sales and Marketing
  • Email automation provides insight into prospect behavior
  • Having a bridge between marketing and sales for qualifying leads will help you find the "nuggets of gold" in your pipeline
  • Organizations must have a formal process in place that allows you to track in real-time the status of your opportunities
  • Closing the Loop with Sales drives accountability up and down the funnel, forces interaction from both Sales and Marketing, attaches real-time ROI to your campaigns, and increases forecast tracking
The full webinar is available below.