Top of the Funnel Field Guide to Sales Prospecting Success

Top of the Funnel Field eBook to Sales Prospecting Success An eBook brought to you by AG Salesworks and Kyle Porter of SalesLoft.

As inside sales executives, we know it's challenging to keep up with new selling methods, tools and technologies to improve your team's performance. As a leader it can be daunting to look into every new tool put on the market while also working on bettering your team's performance. This eBook will equip you and your team with the core fundamentals to succeed in inside sales. In addition to delivering the best methodologies and best practices for inside sales, this eBook discusses very helpful tools that have already been put to the test and valued.

The eBook will focus on:

  • Inside sales best practices

  • Understanding your target audience

  • Using appropriate messaging

  • Assessing data quality

  • Closed loop feedback

  • CRM Systems & Social

  • The best fitting current tools and techniques that suit your company

Learn how to properly equip your inside sales team with a proficient sales process by implementing the best fitting sales tools and technologies for your company!