The Upward Spiral: How Company Culture Increases Productivity, Passion and Profit

The Upward SpiralIt’s Monday morning. Does your team want to come to work? The definition of company culture has wavered in the past few years. Some people see company culture as defined by bowling events, free food, and company foosball tournaments. Some people see company culture as the propagation of tense relationships between managers and employees. Still others see it primarily as the opportunity for free vacation time.

We at AG Salesworks are going to make a stand. Company culture is none of the above. Company culture is a product of business leaders’ values, the way those ideals emanate from the office walls, the way people interact within the office, and the way people inspire each other to be productive with passion.

"The Upward Spiral" is an eBook about how to cultivate a strong, positive company culture. Paul Alves, CEO of AG Salesworks, wrote about his own observations as the co-owner of a company committed to a strong corporate culture. A positive culture affects employees, who inspire positivity in clients, and so on, creating what he calls an "upward spiral." Every company, no matter what, is going to have some sort of culture. Why not try to make it strong, by exhibiting positive values to employees? Paul writes about the importance of a culture not only for the happiness of everyone involved, but for a business’s success through productivity, passion and profit.

The eBook includes case studies, and information about some of Paul’s inspirations, including Zappos, Netflix and Hubspot. He also delves into his own experiences facilitating a company culture at AG Salesworks, with opinions from AG’s own employees amassed through internal interviews. There’s even an interactive portion of the book, a quiz to test if your company is on the right track towards a positive culture.

Here are some other things you can look for in this 13-page eBook:

  • A brief history of company culture, which started with the Cadbury corporation in Britain in the late 1800s
  • How we define what culture is and what culture is not
  • Quotes from thought leaders Simon Sinek (Start with Why), Tony Hsieh (Zappos), George Cadbury (Cadbury) and more
  • A list of values leaders of a strong company culture might exhibit
  • A QUIZ to help you benchmark the success of your own company culture
  • An appendix with AG employees’ interviews about company culture

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