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The Power Of Empowering Your Team


My business partner and I have been building a marketing services and teleprospecting business for the past eleven years.  As I look back, I see several things which have contributed to our success. Passion, hard work, optimism and the will to build something bigger than the individual, building something from nothing are all things that come to mind. The one thing that has ensured our companies success is hiring people who embody all of these things and empowering them to go out and make it happen.Team Building, Team Empowerment, CEO Coaching 3 20 Alves

As a business leader I see my job as that of a coach. Bring great people together with a common purpose, build a structure which ensures the the team has the guidance necessary to meet company goals, and guide the team toward reaching these goals.  Trying to do it all just does not scale, nor is it likely to produce the best result.  It is my belief that a great leader is able to provide passion and direction while succeeding in attracting great people, motivating them to drive toward a common goal.  

If there is one thing that I am most proud of, it would be having built an organization that is increasingly less dependent on me.  I once heard a quote that sums this up for me.  “The job of a CEO is to work himself out of a job.”  The idea is that a good CEO should create a largely self sufficient organization.  It is tremendously fulfilling to see our team making decisions and driving the business on their own.

There is great strength in numbers, especially that of smart people focused on a few straightforward goals with a clear idea as to how they can directly affect those goals.  

Empower your team to make decisions and execute on corporate goals, get out of the way, and watch great things happen.


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About the Author   |   Paul Alves

Paul Alves is co-founder and CEO of AG Salesworks. Paul has been a part of, and managed, high performing sales teams for the last 20 years, and now as CEO of AG Salesworks, Paul is responsible for its continued growth and success. For more information on Paul Alves, see here.

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