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Sales Prospecting Perspective Weekly Recap - Week of February 11, 2013


So I typically reserve this section of the weekly recap to share a great piece of content I have run across throughout the week. This week Kyle Porter, founder of Salesloft, emailed me about a new prospecting tool they just released that can be found on Google Chrome as an app. With the new tool, sales reps can type in a Job Title, Location, or Company and the search engine results will be all Linkedin profiles that match your criteria. Click on the icon again and the search results are then loaded into a spreadsheet format. Click next page at the bottom of the screen, click on the icon again and the next ten results are populated in the same spreadsheet. You then have the option of exporting your results to a CSV file or Google spreadsheet. It is a really great tool that will not only save your reps time during research, but may also be useful in building out lists. We have already found tremendous value in utilizing this tool and I highly recommend people to share this with their inside and outside sales teams. Sales, Marketing, Prospecting for Opportunities

Now on to this week's recap. 

Monday, February 11, 2013  

We broke in the week with a post from Senior Business Development rep Kim Staib and her post Sales Advice From "Mrs. Bossypants". Kim was a fan of the NBC show 30 Rock and it's creative mastermind, Tina Fey. Her love of the show led her to Tina's NY Times bestselling book Bossypants. Kim took some of her favorite quotes from the book that applied to her own experiences in sales and shared them in her post. It shows that sometimes motivation can come from the places we may least expect. The quotes Kim shared related to locating decision makers within an organization, not being scared to pick up the phone and the best bosses hire talented people and get out of the way. It's a great post from Kim and I hope you can take a few minutes to read it.   

Tuesday, February 12, 2013  

Our second post of the week came from Laney Pilpel, Director of Client Operations, who talked about a topic that is often frowned upon: Micromanagement. In her post Is There A Time And Place For Micromanagement Of Your Teleprospecting Team Laney defends her position that sometimes micromanagement is needed for those reps who are underperforming or are having trouble hitting their monthly quotas. Looking at activity levels, messaging and bringing those teleprospecting reps back to the basics can be just the fire they need to increase productivity. Laney took it a step further, holding her team more accountable, and required them to email their conversations to her at the end of the day for review. Ultimately, micromanagment shouldn't be seen as a bad style of management, there are plenty of situations, especially in sales, when it may be warranted.  

Wednesday, February 13, 2013  

Mike Ricciardelli provided Wednesday's post with Top Down & Bottoms Up: The Collective Attitude Of A Sales Company in which he discusses the genetic makeup of a company from a sales department's perspective. Mike states that organizations can't ignore the human element that is present and just because you throw some new paint on the walls or bring in an interior designer to make the place more "hip" doesn't make your culture. Personalities will always be stronger than painted walls. Mike also states that negativity and frustration are "nothing but an exhausting waste of emotion", so squash it as soon as you recognize your behavior having a negative impact on your productivity. 

Thursday, February 14, 2013  

Our final post brought the long awaited return of our President, Peter Gracey, to the Sales Prospecting Perspectives blog. In his post Outbounding Is Not A Crime Pete attempts to introduce a new term into the industry: Outbounding (definition is included in the post). The idea that lead generation can be supported solely by an inbound marketing strategy without an "outbounding" support will lead to less sales pipeline and less closed business. Pete referenced some stats from Sirius Decisions on the impact outbound and inbound activity can have on closed business and invites us all to get our "outbounding" on! 

Thanks to everyone for reading this week's recap and we look forward to another week of great content for you next week. 


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