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Do You Know What Your Company's Key Results Are For 2013?


AG has been in business for over ten years. I thought, until recently, I knew what our Key Results were. Growth, more revenue, higher margin. Well maybe, maybe not. As it turned out, I was correct on a couple but missed a couple as well. As I wrote in my last blog, we recently sent our management team to the OZ Principle one day training. They came back energized with a lot of great ideas. The first was to take a half day off site to determine exactly what our Key Results are. At first I wondered why we were taking so much time to come up with something that surely we were already on the same page with. I could not have been more wrong. Of the seven of us, none had exactly the same ideas for what our Key Results are. All close, but close doesn't count when you are striving to drive maximum value.Key Results, Company Performance, 11 29 Paul

Well, we figured that out, and are now on to the why and how each of us and our teams can positively impact each of the Key Results. We spent another half day grinding through the detail. This stuff takes longer than you might think, but the results are well worth it. We now have a list of specific detail on how each department needs to operate to maximize our Results.  

Operations, HR, Marketing, Sales, Finance now have a very specific roadmap as to what they need to do each and every day to effect our Results in a positive way. Any process or activity that is not in line with our plan to positively impact our Key Results is time wasted.

The next step is to roll out the concept to the entire team, ensuring each and every team member knows exactly what they need to do to help AG reach its Key Results, why that is important, and what that means to them.

Just imagine the power of each and every member of your team totally focused on the same goal. We have already seen greatly improved focus among the management team, can’t wait to see the impact on 2013 once the entire team is pushing in the same direction.

I’ll keep you posted. Thanks for reading.


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About the Author   |   Paul Alves

Paul Alves is co-founder and CEO of AG Salesworks. Paul has been a part of, and managed, high performing sales teams for the last 20 years, and now as CEO of AG Salesworks, Paul is responsible for its continued growth and success. For more information on Paul Alves, see here.

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