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Sales Prospecting Perspective Weekly Recap - Week of November 5, 2012


Typically I reserve this space to share a piece of great content I have found throughout the week. Today, I wanted to share something a little different. When the calendar turns at midnight on October 31st many men embark on a mission for raising donations to help fight against prostate and testicular cancer by growing out their mustaches.  This phenomenon, known as Movember, has gone on for a few years now and I wanted to take a moment to recognize the cause. A bunch of men at AG have all taken a break from their razor for the month in the hopes of raising donations to help prostate and testicular cancer initiatives. If you are participating in the cause, that's great and many people will thank you. Should you want to make a donation to help support the cause, here is a link to their team page and thank you in advance.Social Selling, Inside Sales

Now, on to this week's recap.  

Monday, November 5, 2012  

We started off the week with a great blog from Director of Client Operations Laney Pilpel. In her post Are you Utilizing Calling Efforts to Drive Attendance to Your Next Event? Laney recounts recent conversations with her clients in which they have asked for assistance from her team in driving traffic to their scheduled events. She references an article from Eric Mintz, who wrote about maximizing attendance at events, and Laney adds outbound calling efforts to the list of ways to drive more attendance. Laney provides three reasons why outbound campaigns can have more of an impact when trying to increase attendance than just utilizing email and social media outlets. Email campaigns don't have a way of verifying the target is the appropriate person to attend such an event and offer the target an easy way out of not attending. Live conversations with your targets can not only increase their intent on going to the event, but it also gives your reps the opportunity to see if there is a fit for your product or service.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012  

Mike Ricciardelli wrote a great post on Tuesday that was a follow up to one of our more insanely popular posts a few weeks ago. His post 7 Habits Of Highly Effective (And Successful) Teleprospectors was the counter-post to our original one by Craig Ferrara entitled 7 Habits Of Highly Ineffective Teleprospectors. In Mike's post, he discusses the traits and habits he sees from the most effective teleprospectors on his team. Some of the highlights to his seven habits include: prospect companies and accounts, not people, track yourself in several ways, be resourceful and “ASP”, Always Staying Positive. It's a great post and worth checking out to compare how many of Mike's habits listed you see in your sales team of prospectors.

Thursday, November 8, 2012  

On Thursday, I had the pleasure of presenting in a webinar with Koka Sexton of Insideview. Our webinar, entitled The 5 Steps to Tactical Social Selling, revealed some of the best ways to use social intelligence and social media tools to uncover new prospects and opportunities. There were many great stats from the webinar, but I chose only a couple to share in my post Has Your Organization Embraced Social Selling?. It still amazes me at the uphill battle social media is fighting when trying to be included in the lead generation funnel. With more statistics like the ones below, we should be seeing more organizations leveraging social media and the data that can be extracted from social media outlets. Soon most business/sales process with have some sort of social intelligence initatives. The two statistics I highlightedwere: Organizations using social intelligence are 21% more likely to attain year end revenue growth (6% without social intelligence) and reps who use social selling tactics are 79% more likely to attain their quota (industry avg is 43%, reps who don't use social selling, 15%). I encourage you to check out the webinar and, if you haven't already, begin looking into social selling tools for you sales team. 

Thanks for reading this weeks recap and we look forward to providing more value for you next week.  


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