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Supercharge Your Sales and Marketing Vocabulary

Posted by Greg Klingshirn on Wed, Jul 30, 2023 @ 11:30 AM

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Sales Prospecting Perspectives is pleased to bring you a guest blog from Greg Klingshirn, Content Marketing Manager at SalesLoft

From breakthroughs to benefits and from profits to process, the words used to present your product or service to prospects are instrumental to your success.

There’s no denying that the persuasive power of certain words can increase conversion rates and shift a buyer’s behavior. First impressions are far more valuable to engaging a potential customer than you may think. But have you identified these words?

The good news is that there are only a handful of words that are powerful and compelling enough to move your prospects to action. Whether you want your prospect to sign up for a free trial of your product, subscribe to a monthly newsletter or follow your social media accounts, it boils down to the weight of your words.

Incorporate these five words and we guarantee you’ll see stronger engagement:

Benefits (Not Specifications).

The most effective way to understand the true benefit of your product or service is to focus on results. "What's in it for me?" Can you effectively answer this question from their perspective?

When you focus on selling the specs of your product, you're asking the prospect do all the work to figure out why they want the features offered to them. Do the work for them by outlining the connection and the benefits.

Explain exactly how your service will benefit a prospect by focusing on the big picture. Rather than listing specs X, Y, and Z, extrapolate on what these features will accomplish and how they will help the prospect.

Value (Not Price).

You should never allow price to be a valid objection to any sales development call. Your role as a sales development professional is to demonstrate the value your product or service has, and will in turn demonstrate how it outweighs the price tag. Therefore, your conversations should be value-centric.

It’s easier and more effective to convince the customer of your value early on, because it immediately removes price from the equation.

You (Not I).

Your pitch, your product, your service, and your benefits are about them...not you.

If you want to delight your customer, focus on them and how you can help them overcome some of their most pressing challenges. Instead of talking about yourself, talk about how they’ll save time and energy by investing in your product or service.

A simple, one-liner is all it takes: “You will be able to spend twice as much time calling and emailing your best prospects.”

It’s clear, it’s understandable, and it demonstrates value.

Talking about yourself in the first person only will overshadow the benefits and value that your product or service offers. Make it all about the prospect.

Process (Not Specifications).

Leveraging the explicit functions isn’t going to cut it. Neither is a rundown of specs listed on the products page on your website. Determine the process that your prospect has implemented and align your pitch with the benefits of using the product. Then speak to that. Your number one goal is to focus on the context in which the product or service will be used.

Objectives (Theirs, Not Yours).

Determine your target’s objections at the onset of your outreach process. By understanding how you can help them tackle their business goals, your value and credibility increases exponentially.

Ask questions like:

What are your revenue goals next quarter and how are you going to get there? What happens if X occurs? What about Y? Who is responsible for that and what happens if it is not achieved? What is it worth to the company?

If you can help your prospect meet these goals, you’ll close the deal then and there.

Don’t lose a deal or miss an opportunity to develop a relationship based on sloppy interactions that undermine your credibility. Identify the power words that are best suited to your product or service and buying process, and supercharge your vocabulary.

Let us know! What does your power word bank look like? Are you making deposits or borrowing time before your connections run dry?


Greg is the Content Marketing Manager at SalesLoft, one of the fastest growing startups in Georgia. His goal is to plan and create content to make sales professional’s jobs more productive and enjoyable.

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