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#ProspectingChat: Aligning Content and Sales with Brian Hansford

Posted by Allison Tetreault on Wed, Feb 18, 2024 @ 09:30 AM


It's that time again - time for this month's #ProspectingChat! Over at AG Saleswork's Twitter account, we'll be discussing how to align sales and content marketing, with strategies for encouraging your reps to share content and strategies for creating content that will actually further the sale. We're excited to announce that this month's guest is Brian Hansford, who will share a lot of wisdom on this topic as the Director of Client Services and Marketing Automation Practice Leader at HeinzMarketing. Here are some details about today's Twitter Chat:

Date: Wednesday, February 18
Time: 1:30 PM EST / 10:30 PM PST
Hashtag: #ProspectingChat
Topic: Aligning Content and Sales
Special Guest: Brian Hansford

Today’s chat will focus on aligning the marketing and sales process towards content with sales enablement strategies and tools. We’ll also discuss the importance of closed-loop feedback and the myriad of ways sales and marketing can work together to help both teams do their jobs better. As always, our friends at QuotaFactory will be posting relevant stats to help guide the chat.

To prepare, here are today’s questions. We encourage you to write down your answers beforehand. If you can't attend the Twitter chat, but would still like to add to the conversation, feel free to tweet at #ProspectingChat any time or comment here.

Q1: What are some first steps marketing and sales teams can take to align content marketing and the selling process? 

Q2: How can marketing teams ensure that sales will use their content throughout the buying process?

Q3: Why are buyer personas so important, and how can sales and marketing work together to create them? 

Q4: What is the best content to create during the Consideration and Close phases, where sales teams are most active? 

Q5: How can content marketing teams prioritize content that sales will use to sell? 

Q6: Explain an effective content hand-off process. (And no, just an email to the sales team will not suffice.) 

Q7: How can marketing and sales use marketing automation or CRM tools to streamline the content sharing process? 


Q8: What are some effective training and coaching tactics for teaching sales to use marketing content? 

Q9: What analytics can you measure to determine whether content is working for sales? 

Q10: How can sales and marketing establish closed-loop feedback about content effectiveness and selling strategy? 

A quick overview: #ProspectingChat focuses on issues that sales, marketing, IT and tech leaders want to discuss. Each chat lasts 1 hour long. For those of you who are new to Twitter Chats, you must have a Twitter account to participate. You can join our Tweet Chat room, which allows for automatic feed updates and hashtag inclusion. Other tools to monitor the discussion are: HootSuite, Twub, TweetDeck and of course, Twitter itself. The transcript will be available on Storify shortly after.

We hope you can join us today at 1:30 PM EST / 10:30 AM PST for #ProspectingChat!

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